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Job Help

Here at CCPL want to assist you in all facets of your life, including your job search! We have a number of resources available to help you through your process, including in-person resume help and guidance.

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Indeed, a job search site that lists many of the job openings in the area. You can create and account, post your resume, and even be contacted by potential employers!

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Career Builder is the world's largest job search site. You can search for jobs the world over, or right here in the Bluegrass! Post your resume for potential employers to find.

help wanted.jpg (Regional Help Wanted) has many jobs specific to Lexington and central Kentucky.


Crown Staffing has a number of potential jobs in Winchester and the surrounding areas.


The Kentucky Career Center has resources for job seekers, job training, career outlooks, and help for employers.


Professionally designed templates, expertly written content for all resume sections, and user friendly formatting tools make our builder the top choice for writing a resume online.


Great Sample Resume helps you create a professional and successful resume in minutes.


Resume building software, available on the computers located in CCPL.

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