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The Library is very lucky to have access to interviews with over 100 Clark county veterans.  All of these are available to view or check out at the Library, and the vast majority of them are also available to view online through the Library of Congress.  By clicking on the veteran’s name, you will be directed to a page where you can view the video.


The Library would like to thank all of the veterans for participating in this project, especially Don Rose, Richard Doughty & Jim Kirby for interviewing the subjects and compiling these videos.

Adams, Thomas Daniel (b. 9/4/1947, Danville, Ky)

Army, 2nd Batt. 1st Inf., Dis. 199 Lt. Inf. Div., May 1966-May 1970

Adkins, Lonnie (b. 10/18/1930, Elliott Co., KY)

US Air Force, 2nd Air Force, January 1950-August 1953

Bailey, Frank (b. 3/24/1914, Winchester, KY)

Army Air Force, 417 Bomb Group, September 1942-November 1945

Bailey, Robert (b. 4/9/1943, Winchester, KY)

Army, 293rd Engineer Battalion, 24th Engineer Group, March 1964-March 1967

Barnes, Joseph (b. 6/26/1920, Bourbon Co., KY)

Marine Corps, L. Co 3BN 5 Marines, 1939-1945

Barron, Kevin (b. 1/31/1954, Washington, DC)

Marine Corps, March 1972-March 1979

Bates, Roy (b. 9/4/1932, Winchester, KY)

Marine Corps, 1st Batt. 7th Reg. 1st Div., December 1950-May 1952

Beckham, Theron (b. 11/3/1918, Lancaster Co, SC)

Army, 1st Batt. 178th Reg. 13th Field, April 1939-June 1945

Bennett, Frank M. (b. unknown)

1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, 1951-54

Berryman, David (b. 10/12/1918, Clark Co., KY):

Army, Patton’s Arm D. Transportation, June 1941-September 1945

Bradford, Matthew (b. 8/16/1986, Petersburg, VA)

Marine Corps, 2nd Batt. 3rd Marines, September 2005-July 2012

Brashear, Elmer (b. 6/15/1922, Viper, KY)

Army Air Force, 3030th AFBU, January 1943-February 1946

Brody, Eugene (b. 5/10/1925, Boston, MA)

Army, 1st Batt. 411th Reg. 103rd Div., July 1943-December 1945

Browning, Douglas (b. 12/18/1937, Montgomery Co., KY)

US Army Reserve, 100th Div., October 1959-October 1969

Burtner, Edallen (b. 8/13/1951, Harrodsburg, VA)

Marine Corps, 1st Marine Air Wing, 1969-71

Carroll, Virgil (b. 7/8/1920, Wolfe Co., KY)

Army Infantry, August 1942-October 1945

Carruthers, James (b. 11/24/1948, Avoca, PA)

Marine Corps, 1st  Batt. 3rd Marines, April 1968-April 1993

Carter, Ann Bush (b. 8/9/1923, Powell Co., KY)

US Navy, Bureau of Naval Personnel, Casualties Notification Unit, October 1943-July 1945

Cecil, Gerald (b. 7/14/1943, Louisville, KY)

US Army Infantry, 1st Batt. 503rd PIR 173rd ABN Bde, Jun 1961-May 1996

Childers, W. Paul (b. 8/3/1925, Campton, KY)

Army, FABN 97th Infantry, November 1943-April 1946

Chism, Ronald (b. 8/3/1939, Clark Co., KY)

Army/Marine Corps, 7th Cal. 3rd Batt. 26th Marine, November 1958-November 1989


Close, Ray (b. 1/10/1926, Rudyard, MI)

US Coast Guard, April 1944-May 1971


Coberly, Jay (b. 11/9/1916, Elkins, WV)

Infantry and Army Air Force, 29th Inf. 1st Lt. 8th Air Force, 1941-October 1947

Cohen, Jack (b. 11/8/1924, Winchester, KY)

Army, 529th Signal Op. Co., November 1942-March 1949

Cook, Nelson (b. 12/29/1918, Valley View, KY)

March 1941-July 1945

Cowen, Robert (b. 7/23/1925, Louisville, KY)

Army Infantry, 79th Div. Also 1st Div., 1944-1946

Cox, John L. Jr. (b. 10/11/1921, Campton, KY)

US Army Air Force, 8th Air Force 94th Batt., July 1944-November 1945

Crankshaw, William “Bill” (b. 12/2/1925, Ft. Wayne, IN)

Navy, USS Foote (DD 511) USS Flint (CL97), September 1943-May 1946

Crowell, James Malcom III (b. 3/17/1944, Lexington, KY)

Navy, June 1963-June 1975

Curtis, Dorsey (b. 8/20/1924, Mt. Sterling, KY)

Army-Infantry, 97th Div. 2nd Batt. 38th Reg., March 1943-March 1946

Curtis, June (b. 3/22/1921, Perry Co., KY)

Airplane Factory

Curtis, Robert (b. 7/20/1926, Clark Co., KY)

Army, Constabulary 3rd Army, March 1945-June 1952

Dandeneau, Richard (b. 2/27/1925, Detroit, MI)

US Navy, Armed Guard, February 1943-April 1946

Davis, Harry (b. 9/28/1920, Estill Co., KY)

Navy, USS Terror, 1943-1945

Davis, Robert (b. 1/12/1921, Lebanon, KY)

US Navy, USS Seafox, August 1942-October 1945

Deshields, J. Marshall Jr. (b. 8/11/1925, Winchester, KY)

454th Bomb Group, 15th Air Force, February 1944-April 1946

Dixon, Les (b. 6/7/1944, Clark Co., KY)

Naval Hospital Charleston, September 1960-September 1964

Dobson, Leroy (b. 10/9/1936, Hardburly, KY)

Marine Corps, Aviation, October 1954-November 1974

Dowdy, William (b. 3/20/1921, Birdstown, TN)

Army, 96th Infantry 381st Reg. 1st Batt., October 1942-December 1945

Epperson, Jouett Bruce (b. 2/2/1925, Wadsworth, OH)

Navy Seabees, 520 CB, June 1943-February 1946

Farmer, Frank (b. 1/23/1927, Norton, VA)

US Naval Amphibious Force, USS LCSLS 34, 1944-1946

Fox, George (b. 10/24/1925, Winchester, KY)

Marine Corps, 1st Div. 1st Batt., February 1944-April 1946

Frederick, Paul (b. 7/5/1924, Spear, KY)

Marine Corps, 3rd Batt. 21st Reg., 3rd Div., July 1942-October 1945

Goodlet, Sam (b. 4/10/1947, Lexington, KY)

US Navy, September 1964-March 1988

Graham, Fonzie (b. 4/5/1918, Wolfe Co., KY)

Navy, Armed Guard Sea Quale, 1943-1945

Griffey, Milton Jr. (b. 12/13/1924, Olive Hill, KY)

Army, 17th Reg. 7th Inf. Div., 1943-1966

Guy, Lawrence Porter (b. 3/31/1921, Lexington, KY)

US Air Force, 314th Troop Carrier Group 32nd Squadron, 1941-1945

Handziak, Edward (b. 10/18/1923, Taunton, MA)

Army, 103rd Inf. Div. 409th Reg., February 1943-November 1945

Handziak, Maxine (b. 4/10/1923, Georgetown, KY)

US Navy, Bureau of Ships, November 1943-November 1945

Harms, Frank (b. 5/15/1928, Winchester, KY)

Army, 24th Infantry, September 1948-November 1970

Hatton, Coleman (b. 5/8/1922, Stanton, KY)

Army, 12th Armory Div. D Company 23rd Tank Batt., December 1942-February 1946

Hellmann, Robert (b. 5/22/1931, Covington, KY)

Army, 3rd Batt. 5th Reg. 1st Cav. Div., January 1951-January 1954

Hicks, Frank (b. 12/14/1946, Ashland, KY)

US Army, 9th Infantry 1st Air Cav., June 1969-December 1970

Howard, Richard (b. 9/2/1924, Hueysville, KY)

Marine Corps., US Marine Detachment USS Intrepid, August 1944-August 1946

Howard, Thomas (b. 3/10/1949, Atlanta, GA)

US Air Force, September 1968-June 1995

Howland, John (b. 3/7/1924, Andover, NY)

US Marine Corps., 2nd Batt. 25th Marines, October 1942-November 1945

Hubbard, Donald (b. 4/8/1926, Kingston, WV)

US Army Combat Scout, 1st Batt. 114th Reg. 44th Div., September 1944-July 1946

Jackson, Robert J. Jr. (b. 12/23/1946, Louisville, KY)

USNR, USS Raleigh LPD-1, August 1967-August 1974

Jackson, Robert J. Sr. (b. 11/26/1923, Bowling Green, KY)

US Navy, USS Emery, January 1943-July 1968


Jett, George (b. 9/5/1918, Owsley Co, KY)

US Army, 1321st Service Unit, April 1942-November 1943

Johnson, Lewis (b. 6/8/1939, Clark Co., KY)

Nautical, USS Fidelity, January 1958-June 1962

Johnson, Preston (b. 10/25/1919, Powell Co, KY)

Army, 738 Light MT. 38th Div., April 1941-November 1945

Juett, Charles (b. 6/11/1931, Kenton Co, KY)

Air Force, 6400th Food Service, December 1951-December 1955

Kerns, Ken

Air Force, 2140th Comms Group, Detachment 20, 1968-71

Kimbrell, John (b. 9/16/1928, Winchester, KY)

Army, 25th Inf. 2nd Batt. 511th ABN Inf. Ref./3rd Batt. 14th Reg. 25th Div., December 1950-December 1953

Kincaid, Gene S (b. 12/31/1925, Estill Co, KY)

Marine Corps., 1st Batt. 8th Marines 2nd Div., March 1944-March 1946

Kindred, Charles V. Jr. (b. 10/3/1926, Winchester, KY)

Air Force, 306th Bomb Group 367 Bomb Squad, August 1944-March 1947

Kirby, William P. (b. 3/19/1926, Swedesboro, NJ)

US Naval Aviation, P2V Neptune Patrol Bomber, 1944-1952

Lacy, Chester (b. 8/3/1941, Furnace, KY)

Marines, H-2-7, H-2-3 D-1-7, March 1961-March 1967

Lang, Crawford (b. 7/30/1925, Abilene, TX)

US Navy, CA 71 Cheavy Cruiser, 1943-1946

Long, Gordon (b. 7/12/1920, Paint Lick, KY)

Air Corp, 749th Squadron, May 1942-November 1945

Maddox, James (b. 7/4/1925, Fleming Co, KY)

Engineers Corps, 3013 Engr Maint. Co., October 1943-February 1946

Mayer, Laura (b. 4/22/1925, Jamestown, PA)

US Army, 2nd Army, June 1951-January 1955

McCleery, Kammy

McIntosh, Conley (b. 1/10/1927, Wolfe Co, KY)

USA Detached, 197 FA, November 1942-June 1945

McIntosh, Kenneth (b. 4/9/1933, Clark Co, KY)

Army Engineers, 700th Engineer, 8056th Army Unit, July 1950-July 1953

McLain, Houston F. Jr. (b. 12/19/1926, Levelland, TX)

US Marines, 1st 2nd 3rd Marines Div., April 1945-November 1947/April 1958-April 1975

Miller, Donald (b. 11/18/1920, Oakridge, PA)

Army, 3rd Batt. 34th Div. 5th Army, November 1942-

Miller, Thomas (b. 12/18/1918, Madison Co, KY)

302nd Fighter  Squadron, 332nd Fighter Group, October 1942-

Morton, Paul (b. 6/17/1929, Stanton, KY)

Army, X Corps, August 1951-July 1953

Nixon, Dan (b. 8/16/1923, Clark Co, KY)

Army, March 1943-January 1946

Orndorff, Verne (b. 1/6/1916, Norwich, OH)

US Army Air Corps, 13th Weather Squadron, October 1941-October 1945

Pelfrey, Edsel (b. 7/10/1949, Mt. Sterling, KY)

Army, 498th Dust Off

Phillips, Kenneth (b. 2/25/1924, IL)

US Navy, 7th Div. USS California, June 1943-February 1946

Powell, Glenn (b. 3/21/1955, Winchester, KY)

US Navy, V-1 Div. USS America, May 1972-March 1976

Ratliff, Robert Sam (b.12/4/1936, Winchester, KY)

Army, 8th Missile Batt., April 1962-April 1964

Raymond, Cloyd (b. 3/27/1933, Hobbs, NM)

USAF, June 1951-July 1961

Robinson, Samuel J. Jr. (b. 12/24/1938, Uniontown, PA)

Army, 1956-1991

Rowady, Michael (b. 11/20/1918, Winchester, KY)

Army Air Corps, May 1942-February 1946

Rupsis, Joseph (b. 3/15/1922, Albany, NY)

US Navy, USS Victoria, USS Bataan, October 1942-December 1945/October 1950-December 1951

Schmidt, Joseph Louis Jr. (b. 1/16/1922, Tampa, FL)

Army, November 1940-August 1962

See, Michael (b. 1/2/1944, Winchester, KY)

US Army Armed Forces, 45th Med Co. 44th Med Div., August 1962-May 1968

Shaw, Claude (b. 1/5/1937, Samburg, TN)

US Army, 1st  Cavalry Div., February 1955-September 1979

Shelton, Arthur (b. 5/13/1927, Clark Co, KY)

September 1945-October 1951

Simmons, Charles (b. 3/14/1921, Richmond, KY)

Army, 369th Inf. Combat Team 93rd Div., February 1941-October 1945

Smith, Betty Ratliff (b. 7/12/1930, Bourbon Co, KY)

Smith, Harry (b. 12/2/1930, Estill Co, KY)

Army,3rd Infantry Regiment (Old Guard); Company K, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division January 1948-April 1968

Snowden, Ernest (b. 8/28/1924, Powell Co, KY)

Marine Corps, February 1942-February 1946

Snowden, Franklin (b. 4/29/1923, Powell Co, KY)

12th Armor Div., 714th Tank Batt., December 1942-December 1945

Steppe, Raymond (b. 1//8/1923, Irvine, KY)

US Navy, USS Seadog, April 1943-May 1943

Stone, Robert (b. 9/17/1935, Clark Co, KY)

National Guard

Street, Robert (b. 12/9/1924, Irvine, KY)

US Navy, USS Vincennes, USS Manchester, March 1943-December 1947

Taylor, William (b. 5/28/1923, Clark Co, KY)

AAF, 9th AAF 316th Group 37th Sq., 1943

Templeton, Billy (b. 9/28/1920, Ravenscroft, TN)

US Army, 14th Tank Batt., October 1943-November 1945

Thomas, Jonah (b. 10/30/1924, Hazard, KY)

299th Combat Engr Batt., March 1943-December 1945

Vance, Edward (b. 1/10/1921, Caney, KY)

Army, 616th FA Batt., April 1944-October 1945

Walden, Charles (b. 4/6/1925, Pulaski, VA)

4130 AAF

Walters, Cecil (b. 5/12/1921, Stanton, KY)

Army, 83rd Inf. Div., October 1942-December 1945

Warden, Jay (b. 11/26/1924, Longbranch, WV)

Marine Corps, 3rd Amp. Corps 1st Marine Div., July 1943-April 1945

Watts, Homer (b. 10/17/1921, Clark Co, KY)

Navy, USS Grimes, 1942

Werkmeister, Raymond F. Jr. (b. 12.16/1947, St. Louis, MO)

US Army, 1st Batt. 1st Brgd., April 1968-April 1974

Wheeler, Jr., George William (b. 12/5/1921, Winchester, KY)

US Navy, October 1942-October 1945

Whitaker, Ivan (b. 7/7/1925, Letcher Co, KY)

US Army Infantry, 5th Army 36th Div. 143rd Reg. ICO 4th Pl., February 1943-December 1945

Whitehead, Allan (b. 1/11/1918, Myrtle, MO)

April 1939-December 1945

Whitley, Howard (b. 6/8/1929, Liberty, IN)

USAF, SAC 15th AF 343 BS 98th BG, August 1947-August 1951

Williams, Cameron J.

Wilson, Raymond (b. 1/27/1926, Clay Co, KY)

Navy, USS Cecil, March 1944-May 1946

Witt, William L. (b. 2/25/23, Ford, KY)

Army and Air Force, 350th Inf. 88th Div., 1943-1945

Woodruff, W. Jack

US Navy, 1940-45

Zumwinkle, Robert

US Navy, USS LCT-539, 1943-46

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