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Zabel, Edward The Winchester Sun Wed., 10-15-1913
Zachariah, ____ (reverend)   AA The Winchester Sun Sat., 3-8-1919
Zachary, Henry Clyde The Winchester Sun Mon., 6-26-1972
Zachry, Herbert Carson (Zach) The Winchester Sun Mon., 1-27-2003
Zachry, Mrs. H. C. Sr. The Winchester Sun Thur., 8-6-1970
Zak, Frank L. Jr. The Winchester Sun Sat., 11-29, 12-1-1997
Zalauf, Phil The Winchester Sun Tues., 12-16-1913
Zanone, Westly Westly Zanone of Lancaster, died of lockjaw Tuesday. He was working in a saw mill and received a slight scratch on one of his hands which resulted in lockjaw.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, November 22, 1895

Zebell, Alfred Burial of the Dead Soldiers.

MINNEAPLIS, Minn., Oct. 10.-The funerals of Maj. Melville C. Wilkinson, Sergt. Wm. Butler and Privates Alfred Zebell, Edward Lowe, John Olmstead and John Showolstocker, member of the 3rd United States infantry, who fell in the battle with Indiana at Leech lake, October 5, were held at Fort Snelling Sunday afternoon. It was estimated that six to eight thousand people were in attendance.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, October 11, 1898.

Zeigler, Michael G. The many friends of Mike Ziegler were shocked Saturday to hear of his sudden death. We hardly believe it, however, as he was in the DEMOCRAT office Monday, and as he weighs 320 pounds, he was the most substantial ghost we have seen in many a day. May he live long and his shadow never grow less.

The Democrat, Wednesday, January 29, 1890.


DIED-At his home in this county, Saturday of heart disease. Michael Zeigler aged 65 years. Funeral at the family residence by Rev. Richard French. The remains were carried to Georgetown Ohio, his former residence for interment. The deceased had many estimable traits and was quite popular.

The Democrat, Wednesday, January 4, 1893.



V. F. Zeigler appointed administrator of M. G. Zeigler, with W. L. Quisenberry Jas. Rutledge and Geo. Haggard appraisers.

The Democrat, Wednesday, January 25, 1893.

Zeigler, Mrs. Hattie E. The Winchester Sun Tues., 5-13-1913
Zeigler, Mrs. Soweda Hall The Winchester Sun Thur., 6-20, 6-24, 6-26-2002
Zeigler, Warren J. The Winchester Sun Wed., 8-10-1988
Zeiter, Mrs. Charles The Winchester Sun Wed., 12-27-1916
Zelner, Jacob The Winchester Sun Sat., 4-4-1925
Zempter, J. E. The Winchester Sun Sat., 3-16-1946
Zeugner, Max Gunter The Winchester Sun Sat., 12-21-1996
Zeus, Clover The Winchester Sun Fri., 5-29-1925
Zeysing, John The Winchester Sun Wed., 3-10-1926
Zeysing, Mrs. Mollie Sinclair The Winchester Sun Thur., 4-14-1932
Ziegler, Victor F. The Sun Sentinel Thur., 10-19-1911
Zimmer, H. Ward The Winchester Sun Sat., 1-29-1955
Zimmerman, ______ (man) The Winchester Sun Thur., 9-16-1926
Zimmerman, Geo. Geo. Zimmerman killed himself Saturday night at Lexington by shooting himself through the head. A few days ago he married a dissolute woman, but found that she was unfaithful to her marriage vows, and crazed with sorrow he sent a pistol ball through his brain.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, July 31, 1894

Zinn, Samuel R. Died at his home in Lexington, of diabetes Saturday, Samuel R. Zinn, aged 54 years. Mr. Zinn was formerly of this city and had a host of friends here who will regret to learn of his death. He was a prominent Mason, Odd Fellow, Knight of Pythias and Knight of Honor. He leaves a widow but no children, his only son Frank being accidentally killed on the cars near Cynthiana several years ago. He was carried to Steubenville, Ohio, his old home, for interment.

The Democrat, Wednesday, June 11, 1890

The Semi-Weekly Sun   6-11-1890

Zinsz, son At Owensboro the two-year-old son of J. J. Zinsz swallowed carbolic acid and died soon after.

The Democrat, Wednesday, October 19, 1891.

Zittle, Mrs. Dennis Waco

After a long and painful illness, Mrs. Dennis Zittle died at her home near Waco, Tuesday afternoon of a complication of diseases. Sister Zittle was one of our best old ladies, a consistent member of the M. E. Church South. She had been ill since December, and some months ago when it seemed that the end was near, expressed her willingness and readiness to join those in the deep beyond. She leaves a husband, one son and four daughters. Deceased was buried at College Hill, funeral by Rev. O. B. Beck.   We extend our sincere sympathy.

Winchester Democrat Fri., June 26, 1903

Zoller, John The Winchester Sun     Tues., 10-24-1933
Zoller, Mrs. Kate Farris The Winchester Sun Tues., 10-4-1932
Zollicoffer, Felix Kirk A few days ago a gentleman from Pulaski County, who served in the Thirteenth Kentucky United States Volunteers, was in town, and discussing war incidents, the killing of General Zollicoffer came up. The gentleman conversing with him took the position that General Fry killed the ex-Confederte chieftain, “Oh, no.” said the Pulaski ex-soldier.   “General Fry was ‘nominated’ for it, but the deed was done by a private soldier well known to me.”-Columbia Spectator.

The Democrat, Wednesday, March 8, 1893.


To erect slab in memory

Place where General fell, will see dedication October 10

Somerset – On October 10 there will be erected a beautiful marble slab on the spot where Gen. Zollicoffer, the noted Confederate general, fell in the battle of Mill Springs on January 19, 1862. The dedicatory services will be in charge of Col. Bennett H. Young, of Louisville, who is at the head of the work having the spot where Gen. Zollicoffer is said to have fallen, and which is known as Zollicoffer tree, and which is decorated every year in honor of the dead hero. The occasion of the dedication of the memorial slab will be one of great interest, and will be attended by noted war veterans from different parts of the country. Col. Bennett H. Young took this matter up some years ago and had W.G. Trimble, of this place, deed away a plot of ground for this purpose, Trimble having been the owner of the ground on which the battle was fought. Several efforts have been made by Congressmen from the Eleventh district to have Congress make appropriation for the building of a fine turnpike from Somerset, the nearest railroad point to the Mill Springs battlefield and the National cemetery.

The Winchester Democrat Tuesday, September 20, 1910


Somerset – While setting the Zollicoffer monument to mark the grave of Gen. Zollicoffer the bullet that killed this brave Confederate officer is believed to have been found. It was found on the exact spot where Gen. Zollicoffer was killed and where the monument will be placed. The heavy rains of late had washed the earth, and the ball was found buried in the ground.

The Winchester Democrat Friday, October 14, 1910

Zonneyville, Mrs. Helen E. The Winchester Sun Mon., 6-30, 7-1-1980
Zopfi, Arnold W. Jr. The Winchester Sun Mon., 5-19, 5-20-1986
Zopfi, Arnold W. Sr. The Winchester Sun Wed., 10-1-1980
Zopfi, Mrs. Freddie J. The Winchester Sun Mon., 10-31-1994
Zornes, Esom Taken To The Asylum

Greenup, Ky., Aug. 31

Esom Zornes of Three Prong, was adjudged of unsound mind and taken to the Lexington asylum Tuesday.

The Winchester Democrat Tue., Sept., 5, 1899

Zornes, James Vernon The Winchester Sun Fri., 10-5, 10-6-1979
Zornes, John One dead in picnic fight

Lexington, Ky., – In a bloody fight at Graveyard, on Big White Oak creek, Greenup county, John Zornes was killed and James Schaefer was fatally cut and several others badly hurt. A general fight ensued, Zornes and Shaefer being stabbed a dozen times.

The Winchester Democrat Tuesday, September 1, 1908

Zornes, Mrs. Gertrude, C. The Winchester Sun Tues., 7-31, 8-1-2001
Zornes, Willie Oma The Winchester Sun Fri., 11-18, 11-19-1955
Zurelbury, William The Winchester Sun Mon., 8-25-1913
Zuta, Jack The Winchester Sun Mon., 8-4, 8-7, 8-8, 8-21, 9-30, 10-11-1930
Zweig, Mrs. Patricia Stafford (Pat) The Winchester Sun Fri., 3-11-2011


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