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Yaden, George The Winchester Sun Tues., 1-30-1923
Yaden, Mrs. Dollie The Winchester Sun Sat., 8-22-1981
Yadon, Mrs. Jane Holladay The Winchester Sun Wed., 10-7, 10-8-1970
Yager, John T. The Winchester Sun Tues., 6-2-1931
Yancey, F. H. The Winchester Sun Tues., 6-13, 6-14-1944
Yancey, Joe B. The Winchester Sun Wed., 11-16-1927
Yancey, Lonnie The Winchester Sun Sat., 8-31-1918
Yancey, Mrs. Sarah K. The Winchester Sun Tues., 1-7-1913
Yancey, Silas The Winchester Sun Thur., 3-12-1925
Yancey, Worth Bryan The Winchester Sun Tues., 8-27-1912, The Sun-Sentinel Sat. 8-31-1912
Yancy, Louis L. The Winchester Sun Thur., 6-29, 6-30-1989
Yancy, Mrs. Emma Shelby The Winchester Sun Mon., 12-6, 12-7-1993
Yandell, Leon A life sentenceIn the Fayette Circuit court Friday a jury brought in a verdict sentencing of Dave McQueen to the penitentiary for life for the murder of Leon Yandell. Yandell was superintendent of a gang of men engaged in building an interurban road and McQueen was a negro laborer employed under him.

The Winchester Democrat Tuesday, December 14, 1909

Yanky, Lois The Winchester Sun, Tues., 5-31-1921
Yantis, infant son Died—Wednesday night, of pneumonia, the infant son of Samuel Yantis, of South Maple street, aged eight months. The remains will be taken today to Lancaster for interment.The Winchester Democrat, Friday, February 19, 1897
Yantis, Mrs. Lizzie T. The Winchester Sun Sat., 4-9-1955
Yantis, Mrs. Maggie Lear The Winchester Sun Wed., 12-15, 12-16-1937
Yantis, Mrs. Mary Death Of Mrs. YantisMrs. Mary Yantis, wife of Elijah Yantis died Wednesday afternoon at her home on Boone street, aged 23 years, after a lingering illness of many weeks. The funeral will be preached at the Baptist Church at ten o’clock this morning by Dr. B. B. Bailey, assisted by Rev. Richard French and Eld. C. J. Armstrong and the remains will be buried in the Winchester Cemetery. Mrs. Yantis was the youngest daughter of Judge J. N. Conkwright and was a true christian lady, of brightest intellect and charming personality. She was for some time one of the most popular teachers in the city schools. She leaves a husband and little babe, the latter only a few weeks old.

The Winchester Democrat Fri., Sept. 18, 1903

Yantis, S. S. The Winchester Sun Fri., 9-21-1928
Yarber, George Henry The Winchester Sun Fri., 10-13-1967
Yarber, George R. The Winchester Sun Wed., 7-14-2010
Yarber, Martha Ann The Winchester Sun Sat., 2-13-1993
Yarber, Milton The Winchester Sun Mon., 1-22-1934
Yarber, Mrs. Ada LeonaWilloughby The Winchester Sun Mon., 6-28-1976
Yarber, Mrs. Milton The Winchester Sun Mon., 11-5-1923
Yarber, Mrs. Minnie Death of Mrs. YarberMrs. Minnie Yarber, wife of William Yarber, died Tuesday at her home near Pine Grove, of pneumonia, aged twenty-three years. The remains were buried the following day in the Winchester cemetery, services at the grave by Rev. J.H. MacNeill. Mr. and Mrs. Yarber were married by Mr. MacNeill last September.

The Winchester Democrat Friday, February 14, 1908


Misses Lydia and Georgia Brumagen were called to Old Pine Grove last Tuesday to the funeral of the former’s niece, Mrs. Will Yarbor.

The Winchester Democrat Tuesday, February 25, 1908


In memory

Of our devoted sister, Minnie Yarber, aged twenty-two years, who departed this life February 11th. She is gone, but her memory shall ever live. She was a devoted sister, and we not only mourn her loss as a sister but as a wife. When the curtain of winter is drawn aside and beautiful spring spreads its mantle of sunshine over the earth and sprouts its beautiful flowers, then we miss her most. Grieve not, dear husband, for she is where things are ever beautiful, and when heaven and earth shall become as one, those whom she loved shall join her in her beautiful resting place, where sorrows and sadness are no more. She has gone, we miss her; but her spirit has gone to a better world.

The Winchester Democrat Friday, February 28, 1908

Yarber, Tom John and Tom Yarber, two brothers, quarreled over a girl at Enterprise Friday, and John shot his brother, killing him instantly.The Winchester Democrat   Wed., 8-17-1892
Yarber, William Ray The Winchester Sun Mon., 2-6, 2-7-1978
Yarborough, Elijah Killed By TrainElijah Yarborough, about 35 years of age, was run over by the train near the railroad crossing on Washington street Saturday night. The Coroner’s jury identified the remains and gave the facts of his death without details. No one is known to have seen it. The head, right arm and leg were cut off. There is no suspicion of foul play.

The Sun-Sentinel Thur., Nov. 2, 1905

Yarbrough, daughter Died-On the 30th of March, infant daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Elijah Yarbrough. Burial at the family graveyard. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the neighborhood.The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, April 9, 1895.
Yarbrough, Geneva Sue The Winchester Sun Thur., 9-2-2010
Yarbrough, Mrs. John Mrs. John Yarbrough, died at her home near the junction of the Mt. Sterling and North Middletown pikes, Sunday night of consumption. Her funeral was preached yesterday by Eld. J. W. Harding at the church of Christ on Fairfax street and the remains were interred at the old family graveyard of Johnson Watts.The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, January 18, 1898
Yarbrough, Mrs. Mary Mr. and Mrs. Lew McEwan were called to Montgomery county Sunday by a telegram announcing the death of Mrs. McEwan’s mother, Mrs. Mary Yarbrough.The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, June 7, 1898
Yarbrough, Mrs. Sarah Wills ProbatedThe will of Mrs. Sarah Yarbrough, late of Wades Mill, was probated yesterday. She leaves her estate, consisting of a house and lot to her son, Alfred Yarbrough, and cuts off her sons, James and Milton, with one dollar each. Alfred Yarbrough as named as executor.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, January 26, 1897


Will Book 2, Page 211

Dated: August 17, 1892

Recorded: January 25, 1897

Yarger, Terry Joe The Winchester Sun Wed., 10-9-1985
Yarnall, Albert L. The Winchester Sun Wed., 12-10-1913
Yarrington, John Duvall The Winchester Sun Sat., 6-3-1922
Yarutis, Leo Stanley The Winchester Sun Mon., 3-22-2010
Yate, Mary DIED-Miss Mary Yate, who was buried at Connersville, Ind., Saturday was a music teacher and an indefatigable worker in the cause of temperance. She requested before she died that when death came the corpse should be “laid out” on the piano, and that the funeral sermon should be a lecture on temperance and the speaker to represent the deceased as talking to her friends. The instructions were faithfully carried out.The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, June 18, 1895.
Yates, Ben The Winchester Sun Thur., 4-22-1926
Yates, Ben F. The Winchester Sun Mon., 7-27, 8-5-1925
Yates, Brownlee DIED-This week at his home in Madison county, Brownlee Yates, aged about years. His wife who died many years ago was Miss Eubank of this county and has numerous relatives here.The Winchester Democrat, Friday, March 15, 1895.
Yates, Carl Edwin The Winchester Sun Tues., 1-23-1996
Yates, Charlotte CHARLOTTE YATES, the 17-year old daughter of R. W. Yates, of Webster county, committed suicide Friday because her father slapped her.The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, April 17, 1894.
Yates, county judge___ Greed for officeThe greed for office is shown when a vacancy unexpectedly occurs. County Judge Yates, of Scott county, died this week and in less than twelve hours Gov. Willson received three applications for his successor. Deputy Marshal Clint Allen was killed this week at Mt. Sterling and before he was buried numerous applications for his place had been made.

The Winchester Democrat Tuesday, December 27, 1910

Yates, David The Winchester Sun Mon., 10-2, 10-3-1963
Yates, Elmer The Winchester Sun Mon., 3-14-1927
Yates, Ernest W. The Winchester Sun Fri., 7-23, 7-26-2010
Yates, Gale The Winchester Sun Wed., 6-17-1925
Yates, George A Strange Cane.George Yates, who was a member of the Orphan Brigade, brother of Judge J. J. Yates, was killed at the battle of Chickamauga, in 1863 and his body was buried in a trench on the battle field. In 1886 the body was exhumed and removed to Frankfort. Jake Sandusky a comrade, was present when the trench was opened, and it was found that a small hickory tree had grown up through the body and its roots were entwined with the bones. Mr. Sandusky cut the stick and had it made into a walking cane. Judge Yates heard of this and had long tried in every way to find the whereabouts of Mr. Sandusky that he might secure the stick, but without success. Last week he located him at Wilmore, Ky. He wrote to him and a few days ago received from him the cane. It is a heavy stick beautifully polished with a silver head.—Georgetown Times.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, March 25, 1898

Yates, George A. Prominent Professor Dies.Covington, Ky., Nov. 16.-In the death of Prof. George A. Yates, who passed away Sunday morning, Covington loses one of its old and most honorable citizens, a man who has probably done more for the education and welfare of the present generation during the last 40 years than any other man in the city. Prof. Yates had been ailing for a year. Covington, Ky., Nov. 17.-The funeral of the late George Yates, principal of the Third district school, took place Tuesday at 10 o’clock from the family residence. Rev. George A. Miller, of the first Christian church, preached the funeral sermon after which the remains were laid to rest in Highland cemetery.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, November 20, 1903.

Yates, George Wallace The Winchester Sun Mon., 9-20, 9-24-1954
Yates, Gilbert The Winchester Sun Thur., 4-22-1948
Yates, Glenn M. (Papa) The Winchester Sun Sat., 8-28, 8-30-1999
Yates, Henry                       AA HENRY YATES, colored, who brutally murdered Joe Williams, also colored, for which he was given a sentence of twenty-one years in the penitentiary, died there last week.The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, March 13, 1894.
Yates, Jesse Mr. William Clark, of near Skinner’s Mill, Clark county, will shortly remove to this city to reside. He will probably engage in the business of handling fine horses. Mr. Clark’s wife is a daughter of the late Jesse Yates, of this county. He is a good citizen and we will welcome him among us.—Mt. Sterling Sentinel-Democrat.The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, November 26, 1895
Yates, John (Bad John) The Winchester Sun Mon., 4-3-1916
Yates, Matilda                         AA Matilda Yates, a colored woman was run over and killed by the K & C train at Lewisburg Friday.The Winchester Democrat Tuesday, January 17, 1896
Yates, Mrs. Amanda             AA The Winchester Sun Wed., 4-22-1925
Yates, Mrs. Beatrice The Winchester Sun Wed., 4-29, 5-1-1987
Yates, Mrs. Brownlee DIED-This week at his home in Madison county, Brownlee Yates, aged about hears. His wife who died many years ago was Miss Eubank of this county and has numerous relatives here.The Winchester Democrat, Friday, March 15, 1895.
Yates, Mrs. Charlotte Leah The Winchester Sun Fri., 7-5-1991
Yates, Mrs. Jannie                 AA The Winchester Sun Mon., 3-26-1928
Yates, Mrs. Letha Schmidt The Winchester Sun Thur., 11-20, 11-21-1975
Yates, Mrs. Mattie Bell The Winchester Sun Mon., 5-22-1922
Yates, Mrs. Nancy KavanaughCrooke The Winchester Sun Sat., 8-24-1940
Yates, Mrs. S. N. DEATHS   Sept, 19th, near Sturgeon, Mo., Mrs. S. N. Yates, age 79 years. The deceased was a native of this county, and lived here many years. Her maiden name was Sarah Jackson. She was a daughter of Col. Francis Jackson, and a half sister to Mrs. W. H. Ecton, of this city. Her first husband was Willis Daniel, a half uncle of E. S. Jouett, Sr., who lived on the Paris pike, on the farm now owned by Dr. Wash. Miller. Her second husband was a Missourian. The manner of her death was peculiar. A slight blister appeared on her foot which spread rapidly and in a few days mortification took place from which death ensued.The Democrat, Wednesday, October 7, 1891.
Yates, Mrs. Sarah F. The Winchester Sun Tues., 1-16-1940
Yates, Mrs. Sidney The Winchester Sun Thur., 4-18, 6-26, 7-1, 7-3-1935
Yates, Robert PREVENTED ARREST.A Young Man Shot and Killed By His Father-in-Lay While Resisting Arrest.

Brookville, Ky., July 6.-Robert Yates, a well-known young man, was shot and killed by his father-in-law, Thomas Kinney. For some time they have been enemies, and Yates had threatened to kill Kinney and also his son, George B. Kinney, who is a prominent young attorney of the Bracken Bar association. About 10 o’clock at night Yates returned home, after a trip down town, and soon after his arrival home, it is said, he had a quarrel with his wife and made some threats, which were overheard by some near-by-neighbors.   An officer was sent for, and Tom Kinney, who is city marshal, started with mayor Bradford to make the arrest.   It was a little after 10 o’clock when they arrived at the home of Yates. As soon as he was Kinney and Bradford he drew his pistol and fired, but missed. He attempted to fire again, but by this time Kinney had fired the fatal shot.   The ball penetrated Yates’ heart.   Kinney surrendered to County Judge Minor. Mrs. Yates, the only daughter of Kinney and the wife of the murdered man, is almost prostrated with grief.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, July 10, 1900.

Yates, Robert The Winchester Sun Thur., 3-28-1929
Yates, Sidney (John) The Winchester Sun Thur., 4-18, 6-26, 7-1, 7-3-1935
Yates, W. N. Operator Killed By A TrainLatonia, Ky., Oct. 18

W. N. Yates, aged 24, telegraph operator here was struck by an L. & N. train at Milldale Wednesday morning, and died later at St. Elizabeth’s hospital. He stepped on the tracks, not seeing the train.

The Winchester Democrat Tue., Oct. 23, 1900

Yates, Walker Boy drops deadHarrodsburg, Ky., July 2 – Walker Yates a 17-year-old boy, dropped dead near here

while chopping wood.

The Winchester Democrat Friday, July 3, 1896

Yeager, Charles Edgar The Winchester Sun Thur., 5-19-1983
Yeager, James Farris Jr. The Winchester Sun Fri., 3-20-1931
Yeager, Mrs. Marie H. The Winchester Sun Wed., 1-31, 2-1-2007
Yeager, Thomas (Huck) The Winchester Sun Thur., 6-30-1932
Yeager, Thomas C. The Winchester Sun Thur., 9-18-1958
Yeager, W. H. Fatal Quarrel Over Cards.Avalon, Catalina Islands, Cal., Aug. 14.-W. H. Yeager, who registered at the Hotel Metropol June 23 from Louisville, Ky., was shot and killed by A. H. Boyd, of Los Angeles, in a saloon here Wednesday. The shooting was the result of a quarrel over a card game. Boyd is under arrest.

The Winchester Sentinel, Wednesday, August 20, 1902.

Yeargers, Mrs. Genevieve Burdge The Winchester Sun Wed., 10-1, 10-2-1986
Yearhaus, Martha The Winchester Sun Mon., 7-26-1926
Yeary, Andy The Winchester Sun Thur., 4-15-1920
Yeary, baby DodgeThe family of Chas. Yeary have all been sick with measles. The youngest child, a little baby died Saturday.

The Sun-Sentinel   Thur., Jan. 28, 1904

Yeary, Billy Brown The Winchester Sun Wed., 4-28-1999
Yeary, C. D. Sr. The Winchester Sun Fri., 10-19-1945
Yeary, Charles David The Winchester Sun Fri., 2-8-1946
Yeary, Charles G. The Winchester Sun Fri., 12-19, 12-20-1975
Yeary, Claude Edward The Winchester Sun Mon., 3-25, 3-26-1963
Yeary, Cliff P. The Winchester Sun Mon., 6-8, 6-9-1953
Yeary, Daniel D. The Winchester Sun Fri., 4-2-1965
Yeary, Edward N. (Ed) The Winchester Sun Fri., 9-4-1992
Yeary, Henry Davis The Winchester Sun Thur., 7-12-2001
Yeary, Joe The Winchester Sun Thur., 9-9-1993
Yeary, Mrs. Betty Ray Shearer The Winchester Sun Thur., 5-12, 5-13-2011
Yeary, Mrs. C. E. The Winchester Sun Thur., 9-25-1919
Yeary, Mrs. Carrie Rupard The Winchester Sun Sat., 7-1, 7-3-1961
Yeary, Mrs. Kathryn L. The Winchester Sun Thur., 12-26, 12-27-1968
Yeary, Mrs. Mary Howell The Winchester Sun Mon., 1-1, 1-2-1940
Yeary, Mrs. Melba Page The Winchester Sun Tues., 9-8-2009
Yeary, Mrs. Virginia Karrick The Winchester Sun Mon., 2-13-1995
Yeary, Samuel H. The Winchester Sun Tues., 3-8-1994
Yeary, Stephen Karrick The Winchester Sun Tues., 7-5-1988
Yeary, Timothy L. The Winchester Sun Fri., 6-16, 6-17-1995
Yeary, Woodie Allen The Winchester Sun Mon., 1-5-2009
Yeast, Joseph A Strange CoincidenceNeighbors Fell Dead At The Same Hour On Their Kentucky Farms

Burgin, Ky., Dec. 16

George Linney, aged 90, one of the oldest farmers in the county, fell dead at his home, near McAfee.   He fell in the arms of his wife, uttering no word. He was in robust health a few minutes previous.

Joseph Yeast died about the same time. He lived near Linney, and, seized with epileptic fit, plunged forward into the fire, his head being almost burned from his shoulders ere any of the family arrived on the scene.

The Winchester Democrat Fri., Dec. 19, 1902

Yeast, Mrs. Lizzie Springate The Winchester Sun Sat., 3-23-1929
Yeates, Larkin B. Ordered that Larkin B. Yeary be appointed commissioner of the tax in this county in the first district for the year 1834- who made oath thereto as the law directs giving security whereupon he together with William Smart entered into and ordered their bond in penalty of $300 condition as the law directs.Order Book 10; P. 168; February Court 1834


Larkin B. Yeates one of the commissioners of the tax for the year 1834 allowed the sum of $35.62 year for his services as such which is ordered to be certified to the Auditor of Public Records.

Order Book 10; P. 180; May Court 1834


Ordered that William Ritchie be appointed commissioner in place of L. B. Yeates dec. to settle and adjust the accounts with executors, administrators and guardians in this county.

Order Book 11; P. 137; May Court 1842

Yeiser, Beverly G. The Winchester Sun Mon., 2-5, 2-6-2007
Yeiser, Fred Died Of The GripPaducah, Ky., Jan. 25

Fred Yeiser, aged 78, formerly of Danville and Lexington, Ky., but lately of Tampa, Fla., died here Monday of grip at the home of D. A. Yeiser, ex-mayor. A nephew, Henry Yeiser, lives in Cincinnati

The Winchester Democrat Tue., Jan. 31, 1899

Yeiser, Gerald N. (Gerry) The Winchester Sun Fri., 4-10, 4-11, 4-13-2009
Yeiser, Hilary Newton The Winchester Sun Thur., 5-1-1980
Yeiser, John Three Deaths From MeningitisHenderson, Ky., March 9

There have been three deaths in the county from meningitis since Sunday. Dr. John Yeiser, of Spring Grove, Union county, aged 85 years, and a very prominent young man, died with the disease.

The Winchester Democrat Tue., March 14, 1899

Yeiser, K. N. The Winchester Sun Thur., 6-12-1952
Yeiser, Mrs. Bert The Winchester Sun Sat., 4-19, 4-21-1969
Yeiser, Mrs. Sudie F. The Winchester Sun Mon., 3-28-1966
Yeiser, Mrs. Winfred Gayle The Winchester Sun Thur., 12-22, 12-23-1983
Yeldell, Jasper DeathsJasper Yeldell, an orphan boy, died Friday at the home of his uncle J. P. Bush in this city. The remains were buried in the Winchester cemetery Saturday. The deceased’s parents died when he was quite young.   He was never in good health.   About two months ago, suffering from the ravages of consumption, he came to the home of his uncle where he was tenderly cared for to the end.

The Sun-Sentinel   Thur., April 28, 1904

Yellman, Mrs. Ida DIED-Friday, at her home in Lexington, after a long illness. Mrs. Ida Yellman, wife of Wm. Yellman. She was a sister of Mrs. A. G. Bush, and as Miss Ida Shields will be remembered by many of our people.The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, November 6, 1894.
Yelton, Clifford The Winchester Sun Thur., 8-9, 8-10-1928
Yelton, Esther The Winchester Sun Thur., 8-9, 8-10-1928
Yelton, Evelyn The Winchester Sun Thur., 8-9, 8-10-1928
Yelton, Rollie The Winchester Sun Thur., 8-9, 8-10-1928
Yewel, Sidney THE appraisers of the estate of Sidney Yewel, of Owensboro, who lived the life of a typical miser and died alone in an old rookery a few weeks ago, presumably from falling down stairs and breaking his neck, have made their report to the County Court.   The report shows that he leaves an estate worth fully $200,000. He was estimated to be worth anywhere from $10,000 to $75,000.The Democrat, Wednesday, February 1, 1893.
Ylvisker, Mrs. Margaret Beard The Winchester Sun   Thur., 7-12, 7-14-1956
Yocum, Charles Duff The Winchester Sun   Fri., 1-2-1953; Sat., 1-2-1954
Yocum, Charles William The Winchester Sun   Fri., 8-17-1956
Yocum, Elmer DIED.Rev. Elmer Yocum died at his home in Kilbourne, Wis., Thursday, aged 92 years. Dr. Yocum was born in Miflin county, Penn. He was a member of the famous General Conference held in New York which tried and suspended a Bishop for having married a wife who owned slaves. The incident led to the separation of the Methodism North and South. Dr. Yocum is supposed to have been the only survivor of that conference.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, October 18, 1898.

Yocum, Isam The Winchester Sun   Mon., 10-15-1934
Yocum, John At Jackson Sunday, George Blanton, nephew of County Attorney Blanton, shot and killed John Yocum in a saloon fight.The Sun-Sentinel   Thur., Oct. 27, 1904
Yocum, Mrs. Laura The Winchester Sun   Tues., 7-22, 7-23-1952
Yocum, Mrs. Lucy Curry The Winchester Sun   Mon., 7-22, 7-23-1957
Yocum, Samuel The Winchester Sun   Thur., 12-4-1958
Yohe, Marcus L. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 10-30-1917
Yonts, Albert The Winchester Sun   Mon., 3-12-1917
Yonts, Brock The Winchester Sun   Mon., 5-23-1927
York, Elmer Jr. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 12-3, 12-4-2001
York, George The Winchester Sun   Wed., 12-28-1921
York, Hassen The Winchester Sun   Sat., 9-4-1926
York, James Suing For DamagesOwensboro, Ky., May 23

Mrs. Vina York, mother of James York, the boy that was killed by a live wire of the city electric light plant, is suing for $50,000 damages against the city and Westinghouse-Church-Kerr Co.

The Winchester Democrat   Tue., May 28, 1901

York, James The Winchester Sun   Thur., 12-5-1912
York, James H. James R. York, a wealthy farmer of Anderson county, was assassinated at his home last Friday.   His brother, W. H. York is charged with the crime.The Sun-Sentinel   Thur., Aug. 24, 1905


Bast Was Unmoved

The Jury Sentenced Him To The Penitentiary For Life

Lawrenceburg, Ky., Jan. 8

After being out less than four hours the jury in the case against James Bast, for the willful murder of James H. York, who was killed at his home near here five months ago filed into court and returned the following verdict: “We the jury, find the defendant guilty as charged in the indictment, and fix his punishment at confinement in the penitentary for life.”   Bast was unmoved by the words of the clerk when he read the verdict, and maintains the same stolid indifference that he has manifested throughout the trial. Counsel for the defense will file a motion and grounds for a new trial. If this is overruled they will take the case to the court of appeals.

The Winchester Democrat   Fri., Jan. 12, 1906


A Life Sentence

William H. York was on Thursday given a life sentence by the Anderson Circuit Court for the murder of his brother, James H. York, some months ago. He is more than seventy years old and is in very feeble health.

The Winchester Democrat   Tue., Jan. 16, 1906

York, Mary The Winchester   Sun Fri., 3-31-1933
York, Matthew Glen The Winchester Sun   Thur., 12-19-1991
York, Mike The Winchester Sun   Wed., 8-3-1988
York, Mrs. Earlene The Winchester Sun Tues., 12-29-2009
York, Mrs. Maggie The Winchester Sun   Thur., 2-11-2010
York, Mrs. Martha The Winchester Sun   Tues., 12-13-1927, Mon., 3-26, 4-24, 4-25, 9-25-1928
York, Mrs. Robert P. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 4-16, 4-17-1946
York, Robert Pierce The Winchester Sun   Tues., 1-12-1988
York, son The Winchester Sun     Tues., 8-23-1932
York, William Died from woundWilliam York, of Montgomery county, who was shot by Lloyd Willoughby on election day died a week later. He stated that there had been no trouble between them and that Willoughby shot him without cause.

The Winchester Democrat   Tuesday, November 22, 1910

York, Willie The Winchester   Sun Fri., 3-31-1933
Yost, Thomas G. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 12-7-1936
You, Mattie John Martin who killed Mattie You, at Gum Springs, was given only four years by the jury the other day. This was one of the most cold-blooded murders in the annals of Bell county and the citizens are indignant over the light sentence.The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, November 1, 1893
Youell, Mrs. Abbie The Winchester Sun   Mon., 6-23, 6-25-1952
Young School Teacher One of the most fiendish crimes ever known in Kentucky is reported from Sandy Hook, the county seat of Elliott. A young school teacher was thrown from her horse, frightened by two Wilcox brothers, each of whom the girl had refused to marry. With a leg and arm broken she was chained in a deserted cabin, where she was kept a prisoner since the middle of April, and slowly dying was made the victim of her captors’ lust. Last Tuesday a posse headed by her brother, found the girl, who died fifteen minutes later. The Wilcox brothers were captured, confessed, and were promptly shot to   death.The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, May 27, 1891
Young, Alfred The Winchester Sun   Tues., 5-6, 5-7-1913
Young, Amster                     AA The Winchester Sun   Sat., 10-2-1926
Young, Anderson Ann E. Young orphan of Anderson Young dec. this made choice of Andrew S. Keith as her guardian whereupon he together with William S. Downey his security entered ………bond …………penalty of $200.Order Book 12; P. 380; June Court 1851
Young, Beatty The Winchester Sun   Mon., 1-7-1985
Young, Bennett H. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 2-24=1919
Young, Bernice The Winchester Sun,   Tues., 3-22-1921
Young, Bill The Winchester Sun   Fri., 6-28-1935
Young, Brady The Winchester Sun   Mon., 7-24, 7-25-2006Scobee Funeral Home Web Site Sun., 7-23-2006
Young, Brenda Gail The Winchester Sun Fri., 5-22-1981
Young, Bryan The Winchester Sun   Fri., 9-30, 10-1-1994
Young, Caesar Bail is denied Nan Patterson, the former actress, pending a new trial on the charge of murdering Caesar Young.The Sun-Sentinel   Thur., Jan. 12, 1905
Young, Catherine Bush The Winchester Sun   Thur., 6-15, 6-16-1916
Young, Charles The Winchester Sun   Fri., 2-26-1965
Young, Charles B. The Winchester Sun   Thur., 7-16, 7-17-1942
Young, Charles Byrd The Winchester Sun   Fri., 5-21-1943
Young, Charles Franklin The Winchester Sun   Tues., 5-16, 5-17-1967
Young, Charles Lee The Winchester Sun   Mon., 12-4, 12-6-2000
Young, children The Winchester Sun   Fri., 1-25-1924
Young, Clarence A Christmas fightAt a Christmas dance in Montgomery county a general fight ensued in which Hill Willoughby was shot five times killing him instantly. Craddock Willoughby was shot in the bowels and died two days later. Clarence Young was shot through the liver and died in a couple of days. Claude Willoughby was shot in the arm. Cal Willoughby, in the neck and Chas. Martin in the arm. Martin was also cut in the neck and hand. Several were arrested and placed in jail, the trial being fixed for tomorrow.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, December 30, 1910

Young, Clarence (Jack) The Winchester Sun   Mon., 3-22-1976
Young, Clarence L. The Winchester Sun   Thur., 2-4, 2-5-1971
Young, Clyde The Winchester Sun   Thur., 7-6, 7-7-1967
Young, Coleman Jr. The Winchester Sun   Wed., 7-8-1998
Young, Coleman Sr. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 9-29-1980
Young, Cora Fuller Barker The Winchester Sun   Fri., 5-15, 5-16-1998
Young, Curtis William The Winchester Sun   Mon., 10-17, 10-18-2005Scobee Funeral Home Web Site Sat., 10-15-2005
Young, D. D. At Foxtown, Madison county, Christmas night, D. D. Young accidentally shot himself with a pistol from which he died in a few hours, and at Silver Creek in the same county, John King split Gillis Prather’s head open with an ax. Young was a son of W. H. Young, of Becknerville, and recently purchased the Overton Chenault place and moved to it. His funeral was preached yesterday by Rev. B. B. Bailey, of this city. Burial at Richmond.The Winchester Democrat, Friday, December 27, 1895
Young, D. W. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 5-20-1929
Young, Daniel B. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 1-24, 1-25, 1-26-2000
Young, Daniel C. ..decree…the commissioner Victor W. Kenny appointed…to sell the part interest and estate of Daniel C. Young dec., …in Bath County of which the late James McIlhaney …….that John Johnson who purchased said land…..hath departed this life …to the children and heirs of said John Johnson dec., for and on the behalf of the unknown heirs of Daniel C. Young……..Order Book 8; P. 128; May Court 1854


Benjamin _____ exec vs. Daniel C. Young

Report in the suit of John Johnson… the Bourbon Circuit Court …

Order Book 8; P. 483; July Court 1855

Young, David Walter The Winchester Sun   Mon., 8-20, 8-21-1973
Young, Dixie                        AA Adjudged a lunaticDixie Young, colored, was tried before Judge Evans and a jury, Saturday, and was adjudged to be a lunatic, and was taken to the Lexington asylum.

The Winchester Democrat   Tuesday, October 11, 1910


Asylum crowded

The Lexington Lunatic Asylum is so crowded that no more patients can be accommodated at present. Saturday Dixie Young, colored, was adjudged to be of unsound mind and was taken to the Asylum by Deputy Sheriff Geo. Hart. There was no room for her and she was brought back to this city.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, October 14, 1910

Young, Dwayne C. The Winchester Sun   Wed., 4-3, 4-4, 4-6-2002
Young, Edward The Winchester Sun   Fri., 2-17-1984
Young, Edward T. The Winchester Sun   Fri., 10-29-1926
Young, Eleanor (Cookie) The Winchester Sun   Sat., 7-5-1941
Young, Elijah Ford; Died—Of fever, Thursday, Elijah Young, aged about 23 years.The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, September 27, 1893
Young, Ernest The Winchester Sun   Sat., 2-25-1978
Young, father The Winchester Sun   Tues., 6-13-1916
Young, Garland O. The Winchester Sun   Thur., 8-16-1934
Young, George Death Of George YoungHe Was Made Famous For His Attack On Toll Gate Raiders

Owingsville, Ky., Jan. 17

George Young, 44, died here of paralysis. He became known all over the country in 1887 for service for sheriff of this county under J. W. Lane. At that time toll gate raiders were burning and raiding toll gates all over the state.   Receiving notice of an intended attack on toll gates near here, Lane and Young organized a band of officers and attacked the raiders. A pitched battle ensued in which several raiders were wounded, several captured and lodged in jail here, but the battle and developments broke the spirit of the raiders in Kentucky and very little raiding was done after that.   Young received a letter of congratulations from all over the United States. His wife and three sons survive.

The Winchester Democrat   Fri., Jan. 19, 1906

Young, George Bruce The Winchester Sun   Wed., 9-26-1923
Young, George E. The Winchester Sun   Fri., 9-21-1979
Young, George Perry The Winchester Sun   Thur., 6-4, 6-5-1970
Young, Harold The Winchester Sun   Mon., 4-14, 4-15-2003
Young, Harold L. Sr. The Winchester Sun   Fri., 6-15-1979
Young, Harrison The Winchester Sun   Wed., 12-19-1913
Young, Hence The Winchester Sun   Fri., 1-28-1944
Young, Henry Two Aged Men Dead.Hopkinsville, Ky., Sept. 28.—Capt. Daniel G. Hutchinson, aged 94 years, died at his home in Salubria, this county. He had been in bad health for two years. He was the oldest man in South Christian. Henry Young, an aged farmer, died Monday morning after a brief illness. He was 85 years old and leaves a large family.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, October 4, 1898

Young, Henry                         AA The Winchester Sun   Tues., 2-4-1919
Young, Herbert The Winchester Sun   Wed., 12-10-1913
Young, Homer                       AA The Winchester Sun   Thur., 6-4-1936
Young, I. N. The Winchester Sun,   Sat., 4-16-1921
Young, infant son Montgomery Item   Died – Infant son of A.J. Young.The Democrat, Wednesday, July 30, 1890.
Young, Irvin The Winchester Sun   Wed., 2-14, 2-15-1968
Young, J. Prewitt The Winchester Sun   Fri., 1-12-1951
Young, J. W. The Winchester Sun   Thur., 4-2-1936
Young, Jack The Winchester Sun   Fri., 8-16-1929
Young, James On the motion of Samuel Hanson who made oath thereto as the law directs certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration on the estate of John Young deceased in due form giving security whereupon he together with John W. Redmon entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of $600 conditioned as the law directs.Order Book 11; P. 440; August Court 1846


On the motion of James Nelson who made oath thereto as the law directs certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration on the estate of James Young deceased……William H. Nelson, Waller Holladay and roger Jones security………….

Order Book 12; P. 178; January Court 1849


Ordered that David Sutherland, Caleb Parrish, William H. Spencer and E. W. Hockaday or any three of them after being first sworn do appraise………the estate of James Young dec…………………..

Order Book 12; P. 178; January Court 1849


Ordered that Thomas Graves, John Cooper, Jos. Tarlton and Harvey Graves or any three of them being first sworn do appraise …………estate of James Young dec. in Scott county…………….

Order Book 12; P. 178; January Court 1849


On the motion of Rebecca Young widow and relict of James Young dec. ordered that Will Spencer, Caleb Parrish, E. W. Hockaday and David Sutherland or any three of them after being first sworn do lay off and allot unto the said Rebecca Young her dower in the land and slaves of her deceased husband James Young………………………..

Order Book 12; P. 185; February Court 1849


Inventory and appraisement of the estate of James Young dec. was produced in court……………………….

Order Book 12; P. 186; February Court 1849


Amount of sales of the estate of James Young. Dec was produced in court……

Order Book 12; P. 186; February Court 1849


Amount of sales of the estate of James Young dec. was produced in court……

Order Book 12; P. 187; February Court 1849


Allotment of dower to Rebecca Young widow and relict of James Young dec. ……….. produced ……. approved …….. recorded

Order Book 12; P. 219; August Court 1849


Report of the sale of the negroes of James Young dec. was produced in court and ordered to be recorded.

Order Book 12; P. 267; January Court 1850


Settlement with the administrator of James Young dec. …..filed …..produced ……approved ……recorded.

Order Book 12; P. 301; July Court 1850

Young, James Edward The Winchester Sun   Mon., 3-8-1937
Young, James Henry The Winchester Sun   Mon., 5-1, 5-2-1967
Young, James L. James L. Young, Marshall of Mt. Sterling, died yesterday from the wounds he received in the melee at that place Monday. It is thought that George Howard will also die. Thos. J. Young, editor of the Sentinel, is out of danger.The Semi-Weekly Sun     Fri., 11-22-1878


The secret societies of this place have been invited by the committee to be present at the unveiling of the beautiful monument erected in memory of the murdered marshal, James L. Young, which takes place in Machpelah Cemetery, at Mt. Sterling, Ky., on next Thursday, Oct. 2nd, at 2 o’clock p. m. A company of Confederate soldiers, and many lodges, orders, schools and societies will be in attendance. Orations will be delivered by Col. W. C. P. Breckinridge, Rev. E. O. Guerrant and others. The exercise will be very interesting.

The Semi-Weekly Sun     Tue., 9-30-1879


Henry Mockabee of Bath county, convicted of manslaughter at the last term of the Montgomery court in the killing of James L. Young, of Mt. Sterling, was pardoned by Governor Blackburn last Saturday and is now a free man.

The Semi-Weekly Sun     Fri., 3-19-1880

Young, James Ollie The Winchester Sun   Sat., 3-16, 3-18-1912
Young, Jasper The Winchester Sun   Wed., 8-18-1999
Young, Jim Charged With Murder.HPOKINSVILLE, Ky., July 1.-Bud Williams, a farmhand employed in the southern portion of this county was arrested near Longview and brought to this city and lodged in jail, charged with shooting and killing Jim Young, a tenant living in the same neighborhood. The alleged fatal encounter took place Saturday on a farm near Longview.   Williams’ examining trial is set for Monday.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, July 2, 1895.

Young, Joe Botkins The Winchester Sun   Wed., 4-5-1939
Young, John Wallace Boone, who shot his father-in-law, John Young, at Clay Ferry this week, is a brother of Lucien Boone who some time ago shot and killed his half brother, Chad. Taylor, of Ford. Lucien Boone is said to have been in hiding ever since in the neighborhood of his home but has never been captured.The Winchester Democrat, Friday, February 25, 1898
Young, John The Winchester Sun   Sat., 12-12-1953
Young, John                         AA John Marks, aged fifteen, shot and killed John Young, aged fourteen, in Harrison, both colored.The Winchester Democrat   Wed., 11-13-1889
Young, John D. Died at Mt. SterlingHon. John D. Young died at Mt. Sterling, aged eighty-seven years. He was elected to Congress from the old Ninth district directly after the war, but his seat was contested by Sam McKee, who was given the place. Young was nominated again for the next term, was elected and served his term.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, December 30, 1910


Former Congressman dead

John D. Young had been prominent in public affairs

Mt. Sterling – John D. Young, 87, died here of general debility. Judge Young was widely known and many years ago was prominent in Kentucky affairs. He was born in Bath county where he was three times elected county Sheriff. Judge Young was elected to Congress from the district now known as the Ninth, in 1867, but the seat was contested by Samuel McKee and Young was ousted. Later he was again chosen and elected, and served one term. Judge Young was well versed in law and had written many historical sketches of Eastern Kentucky.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, December 30, 1910

Young, John G. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 4-27-1964
Young, John Hughes The Winchester Sun   Mon., 3-22, 3-23-1999
Young, John Keith The Winchester Sun   Tues., 11-30, 12-1-1999
Young, John L. The Winchester Sun     Thus., 9-14, 12-22-1933
Young, John Lee The Winchester Sun   Fri., 7-6, 7-7-1979
Young, John S. Age 5, male, he was born in Fayette County, KY, his parents were James and Gabriella Young, his father was born in Clark County, KY, his mother was born in Scott County, KY, he died in Clark County, KY, November 14, 1861 of measles settled on brain.CCKD
Young, Johnson Died—Johnson Young, aged 93 years and one of Montgomery county’s most influential citizens was found dead in bed yesterday morning.The Winchester Democrat, Friday, September 23, 1898
Young, Jonathan Lee The Winchester Sun   Mon., 9-30, 10-1-1963
Young, Joseph Inventory and appraisal of the estate of Joseph Young decd. ordered to be recorded.Order Book 10; P. 43; October Court 1831
Young, Joseph While engaged in quarreling over whipping his son last Friday evening, General Young, a white man shot George Chenault, a negro boy about eighteen years old. Young shot the negro in the head which caused his death about eleven o’clock that evening. Young was shot three times, twice in the arm and once in the abdomen, and died the next day about eleven o’clock. Young leaves a wife and seven children.The Winchester Democrat   Friday, January 17, 1908


As a result of the pistol fight on the Couchman farm near Athens Friday in which Joseph Young, white and William Chenault, colored, engaged both were wounded as told in Tuesday’s Democrat. Chenault died at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lexington Friday night and Young at the Good Samaritan Hospital Saturday afternoon. It was indeed a pitiful sight which greeted the Deputy Sheriffs who were summoned Friday afternoon after the shooting scrape. Around Chenault’s bedside was gathered the entire colored population of the vicinity. He had a bullet through his head. At Young’s home were only the frantic wife, the seven children and one neighbor. The ambulance was quickly summoned to convey the wounded man to the hospital where he was given immediate treatment. One bullet had entered his arm and one the abdomen.

The Winchester Democrat   Tuesday, January 21, 1908

Young, Julian Hanson The Winchester Sun   Wed., 4-6, 4-7-1966
Young, L. P. Squire L. P. Young, the oldest native resident of Lexington, died Friday. He was the father of Rev. J. H. Young, formerly of this city.The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, September 27, 1893
Young, Laura Elizabeth The Winchester Sun   Tues., 1-6, 1-7-1925
Young, Lawrence The Winchester Sun   Fri., 11-4, 11-5-1977
Young, Lawrence The Winchester Sun   Mon., 9-21-1992
Young, Lillian The Winchester Sun   Thur. 11-14-2002
Young, Linville The Winchester Sun   Mon., 12-28-1942
Young, Lloyd Prather The Winchester Sun   Tues., 3-29, 3-30-1994
Young, Logan A big verdictIn Jessamine county, Logan Young, a deputy Sheriff was sent after Matt Young, a lunatic, and the latter shot and killed the officer. The officer’s widow sued the lunatic and secured a verdict for fourteen thousand dollars as damages, and this verdict was affirmed by the Court of Appeals.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, December 9, 1910

Young, Loomis The Winchester Sun   Sat., 9-4-1926
Young, Louis A few weeks ago Louis Young, of this county, was visiting in Franklin county, and was shot by Allie Stone, from the effects of which he died on the 22nd. Stone claims the shooting was accidental.The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, November 1, 1893
Young, Lucien The Winchester Sun   Thur., 10-3, 10-5, 10-7-1912
Young, Manuel The Winchester Sun   Wed., 5-28-1986
Young, Margaret Miss Margaret Young, 83 years old, who lives at the corner of Hickman and Maple streets, fell during the sleety weather of last week and was found in an unconscious state. She grew worse and early Sunday morning was found dead in bed. Funeral services were held at the house Monday by Dr. W. F. Taylor and burial at the cemetery. Her property will go to distant relatives of which the Kohlhass family and children of K. Parrish live here.The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, December 17, 1890
Young, Margaret (Peggy) The Winchester Sun   Mon., 2-18, 2-19-2008
Young, Matt He Got AwayConsiderable excitement was caused Saturday by the escape of a lunatic at the Depot. Sheriff Broughton and Deputy Durham, of Bell county, were taking Matt Young of Pineville, to a lunatic asylum at Lexington.   The officers left Young in charge of a couple of negroes while they went for lunch. Although handcuffed he intimated the negroes and made a dash for liberty. His shackles did not deter him from climbing fences and crossing lots and he was soon out of sight. He was afterward captured on Stoner, several miles from the city, and was taken to the asylum.

The Winchester Democrat   Tue., April 24, 1900

Young, Matt Damages awardedA year or so ago in Mercer county Matt Young killed another man of the same name who was trying to arrest him on a charge of lunacy. He was declared not accountable and is now in the insane asylum a hopeless case. The dead man’s widow brought suit against him for damages for the killing of her husband and was awarded $1,400. The verdict is said to have caused much surprise.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, November 12, 1909

Young, Matthew P. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 8-13-2001
Young, Michelle Leigh The Winchester Sun   Mon., 11-13-1972
Young, Milton The Winchester Sun   Tues., 11-29-1921
Young, Morgan Arrested for an Old MurderLexington, Ky., Dec. 12—Faulkner Jordon, of Kalispell, Mont., arrived in Mercer county in charge of Jailer Chathal, the prisoner being accused of the murder of Morgan Young in July 1886. Notwithstanding Jordon since his escape from justice has amassed a small fortune and married into a wealthy Montana family, he wore handcuffs and is now in jail. He denies any knowledge of the murder.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, December 13, 1895


A special from Harrodsburg says: “Faulkner Jordan, who, it is claimed, killed Morgan Young in this county nine years ago and fled to Montana, and who was only captured four weeks ago at Kalispell, near the British line in that state and brought here, was tried on a writ of habeas corpus before County Judge Roach Wednesday, asking bail. The commonwealth established the fact that it was a cold-blooded murder, and bail was refused and Jordan remanded back to jail. He had risen to prominence in the Western country.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, January 24, 1896

Young, Mrs. Amelia A. The Winchester Sun   Wed., 9-2-1914
Young, Mrs. Annie The Winchester Sun   Tues., 10-4-1938
Young, Mrs. Bess The Winchester Sun   Wed., 5-14-1975
Young, Mrs. Bessie Watts The Winchester Sun   Wed., 7-13-1977
Young, Mrs. Beulah The Winchester Sun   Tue., 9-14-1915
Young, Mrs. Clara Hawkins The Winchester Sun   Wed., 1-13-1965
Young, Mrs. Cora West BendDied, Mrs. Cora Young, wife of James Young and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Everman. She leaves two children besides five brothers and five sisters and a host of friends to mourn her loss. She was twenty-nine years of age. Cora is gone, but not forgotton.

The Winchester Democrat   Fri., Feb. 23, 1906

Young, Mrs. Daniel                 AA The Winchester Sun   Wed., 8-4-1926
Young, Mrs. Devonna Pat The Winchester Sun   Wed., 11-2, 11-3-2005Scobee Funeral Home Web Site Wed., 11-2-2005
Young, Mrs. Dora Edge The Winchester Sun   Thur., 6-20-1974
Young, Mrs. Edith Carrier The Winchester Sun Sat., 11-3-2007
Young, Mrs. Edith Golden The Winchester Sun   Tues., 10-28-1997
Young, Mrs. Elizabeth Keating The Winchester Sun   Mon., 2-25, 2-26-1974
Young, Mrs. Elizabeth LeMaster The Winchester Sun   Fri., 11-14-1975
Young, Mrs. Elsie Pace The Winchester Sun   Sat., 12-18-1976
Young, Mrs. Eva F. The Winchester Sun   Fri., 1-7-1955
Young, Mrs. Evelyn Sleadd The Winchester Sun   Sat., 12-5-1931
Young, Mrs. Geneva Little The Winchester Sun   Thur., 4-3, 4-4, 4-5-2003
Young, Mrs. Georgia Ingle(Irene) The Winchester Sun   Thur., 6-2-2005
Young, Mrs. Gina Sparks The Winchester Sun   Tues., 8-6, 8-7-2002
Young, Mrs. Golden W. The Winchester Sun   Fri., 5-3-1985
Young, Mrs. Grace H. The Winchester Sun   Wed., 8-2-1989
Young, Mrs. Ida Mae The Winchester Sun   Thur., 12-3, 12-4, 12-5-1998
Young, Mrs. Jane Rash The Winchester Sun   Mon., 6-26-1922
Young, Mrs. Joyce Hunt The Winchester Sun   Fri. 11-22, 11-23-2002
Young, Mrs. June McDowell The Winchester Sun   Wed., 1-20-1965
Young, Mrs. Lela Woodford The Winchester Sun   Thur., 2-25, 2-26-1971
Young, Mrs. Lelia Graves The Winchester Sun   Wed., 4-15-1959
Young, Mrs. Lillie Baker The Winchester Sun   Sat., 6-27-1953
Young, Mrs. Lillie McQueen The Winchester Sun   Fri., 11-28-1980
Young, Mrs. Linda D. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 1-20, 1-21-2004Scobee Funeral Home Web Site 1-19-2004
Young, Mrs. Lizzie The Winchester Sun   Mon., 11-12, 11-13-1962
Young, Mrs. Louise HandyRedden The Winchester Sun   Wed., 9-8-1993
Young, Mrs. Lucy Death of aged womanMrs. Lucy Young died Wednesday at the home of her son, C.L. Young, on Washington street, of this infirmities of age, being ninety years old. The remains were shipped to her old home at Maysville for burial.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, February 18, 1910

Young, Mrs. Lula B. The Winchester Sun   Thur., 4-1, 4-2-1976
Young, Mrs. Lula Hamm The Winchester Sun   Fri., 8-5-1994
Young, Mrs. Lyda Humphrey The Winchester Sun   Mon., 3-26-1956
Young, Mrs. Mabel E. The Winchester Sun     Fri., 12-22, 12-23-1933
Young, Mrs. Mahala Carter The Winchester Sun   Fri., 7-30, 7-31-1965
Young, Mrs. Margaret LouiseBoone The Winchester Sun   Mon., 5-9, 5-10-1994
Young, Mrs. Martha Alice The Winchester Sun   Tues., 6-30-1998
Young, Mrs. Mary Kate Embry The Winchester Sun   Wed., 7-15, 7-16, 7-17-1992
Young, Mrs. Mary Mitchell Clay The Winchester Sun   Sat., 2-2-1924
Young, Mrs. Mary Prewitt The Winchester Sun   Tues., 10-8-1929
Young, Mrs. Minelle Pruitt The Winchester Sun   Thur., 5-31-1973
Young, Mrs. Owen J. Died—At her home in Lexington, Friday, after a brief illness, Mrs. Owen J. Young. She was a Miss Evans, of Jessamine county, and after the funeral at the residence by Eld. Mark Collis, the remains were taken to Nicholasville. She was a sister to Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Henry Hunter, of Clay City. Mr. Young formerly taught school and began preaching while residing here. Among his first sermons were preached at the mouth of Four Mile and he afterwards preached at Ford and Clintonville.The Winchester Democrat, Friday, January 25, 1895
Young, Mrs. Reuben MRS. REUBEN YOUNG, an aged lady living near Owingsville, was burned to death Sunday evening.   She was standing with her back to the fire feeding the young baby of a daughter when her clothing caught. The baby also received serious burns but, will recover.The Democrat, Wednesday, April 13, 1892.
Young, Mrs. Rosa The Winchester Sun   Wed., 11-5-1980
Young, Mrs. Sally The Winchester Sun   Thur., 3-9-1989
Young, Mrs. Sarah The Winchester Sun   Mon., 5-24-1926
Young, Mrs. Smithe Botkins The Winchester Sun   Mon., 7-13-1925
Young, Mrs. Susanna Cross The Winchester Sun   Wed., 10-24, 10-25, 10-26, 10-27-2001
Young, Mrs. Theresa I. The Winchester Sun Fri., 3-6-2009
Young, Mrs. Thomas The Winchester Sun   Tues., 8-1-1972
Young, Mrs. Tom Tom Young, of Owensboro, was convicted of the murder of his wife on circumstantial evidence and given 99 years in the pen.The Democrat, Wednesday, August 24, 1892.
Young, Mrs. Velma M. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 9-7-2010
Young, Mrs. Vernice K. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 12-23-1980
Young, Mrs. Vivian B. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 2-26-1996
Young, Mrs. Wilma C. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 6-20-2000
Young, Olbert W.   (Allie) The Winchester Sun   Tues., 2-19-1935
Young, Ollie The Winchester Sun   Tues., 4-23-1912
Young, Ollie F. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 3-5-1935
Young, Oscar A. & wife Killed His WifeNear Whitesburg Tuesday, Dr. Oscar A. Young, farmer, brooded over going to war, and killed himself and wife. He did not want to be separated from his wife in case of hostilities and took this means of preventing it.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, April 15, 1898

Young, Paul                           AA Coroner Alexander held an inquest yesterday morning on the body of Paul Young, an old negro who lived near the trestle, and who was found dead.The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, September 6, 1893
Young, Paul W. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 1-19, 1-20-1965
Young, Pauline The Winchester Sun   Thur., 5-10-1990
Young, Ralph The Winchester Sun   Tues., 11-18, 11-20-1913
Young, Richard The Winchester Sun   Mon., 2-29-1916
Young, Richard The Winchester Sun   Fri., 10-30-1964
Young, Richard A. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 2-21-1933
Young, Richard K. The Winchester Sun   Thur., 8-4-1977
Young, Richard L. Rites Held For Richard L. YoungRichard L. Young, 70, died at 8 a.m. Sunday at the Clark County Hospital after a long illness.   He was a retired construction worker and resided on Melbourne Avenue. Survivors are two sons, Richard L. Young Jr., Chicago and Glenn Young of Maryland. Funeral services were conducted at 11 a.m. today in the Winchester Cemetery by the rev A. Dalton Leach pastor of the first Baptist Church.

THE WINCHESTER SUN   Mon. 10-24-1960

Young, Robert Settlement with James Young administrator of the estate of Robert Young decd. ordered to be recordedOrder Book 10; P. 17; December Court 1830


Motion of Cornelius Bowren ordered that P.D. Harrison, James Brasfield and Thomas R. Moore settle and adjust all accounts with Isaac Bowren as guardian to Maximillian Young and Margarett Young infants of Robert Young decd. and make report.

Order Book 10; P. 19; December Court 1830

Young, Robert E. The Winchester Sun   Fri., 10-21-1921
Young, Robert Watts Sr. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 7-22, 7-24-2002
Young, Ross The Winchester Sun   Fri., 1-25-1924
Young, Ruth Ruth Young’s Heirs     On Petition equityThe bond of the receiver John Whitesides as security …..filed …..

Order Book 10; P. 3; July Court 1858

Young, Ruth Lyle The Winchester Sun   Mon., 12-8-1924; Tues., 1-6-1925
Young, S. M. The Winchester Sun   Sat., 3-8-1930
Young, S. P.                           AA The Winchester Sun   Thur., 3-24-1927
Young, Sam The Winchester Sun   Mon., 3-15-1915
Young, Samuel DIED-Thursday, after an illness of a few days, Samuel, the tree-year-old son of Samuel Young, of Buckner street. Burial in the cemetery: services by Rev. J. N. Prestridge.The Democrat, Wednesday, December 14, 1892.
Young, Samuel A. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 2-10-1913
Young, Seebert Seebert Young, aged thirteen years, died at his home near Dodge, Sunday. The remains were buried in the Prewitt graveyard.The Winchester Democrat   Fri., June 19, 1903
Young, Sidney Bound Over.Leitchfield, Ky., June 7.—The examining trial of Wm. Linsey, who shot and killed Sidney Young, near Shrewsberry, May, 18, was held before Judge H. C. Rogers. Linsey was held to answer and his bond was fixed at $900.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, June 13, 1902

Young, son Three Accidents In One TownStanford, Ky., April 5

A remarkable chapter of accidents happened at Highland, this county. A daughter of C. R. Carrier, 12 years old, was playing around a burning brush heap, when her dress ignited and she was burned to death.   A son of C. M. Young, attempting to step over a log which two men were splitting, slipped, and the ax of one of the men struck him in the back, causing a fatal wound. G. W. Young, while working on a smokestack, fell and was badly hurt.

The Winchester Democrat   Tue., April 9, 1901

Young, Stella Monroe The Winchester Sun   Mon., 9-18-1995
Young, Stuart R. SENSATIONAL SUICIDE.Stuart R. Young, Ex-city Treasurer of Louisville, Ky., ended His Life By Shooting.

Louisville, Ky., Nov. 28.-After being offered an evening newspaper by two newsboys which said his books were under examination by expert accountants, Stuart R. Young, city treasurer, of Louisville, Wednesday evening went to the rear of a warehouse at Sixth and Nelson streets and committed suicide by shooting himself behind the right ear with a pistol. Young’s father, Col. Bennett H. Young was notified by telephone of the tragedy. Col. Young immediately went to the scene of the suicide with some of his son’s friends.   The corpse lay in the cinders clothed in fashionable garments, including a light tan overcoat and a gray alpine hat. The aged father of the dead man, a few of his friends and some policemen lifted the body into a coffin and it was removed to an undertaking establishment until the order of the coroner for an inquest. Stuart R. Young was 35 years old and one of the most prominent men in Louisville. He was a graduate of Princeton university, a son of Col. Bennett H. Young, a prominent lawyer and ex-confederate soldier of Louisville and a brother of Lawrence Young, of Chicago, president of the Washington Park Jockey club. He married last July Miss Bessie Wymond one of the most beautiful women in Kentucky and daughter of L. H. Wymond.   Four years ago Mr. Young was elected city treasurer and under the law was ineligible for re-election his successor having been elected on November 5. On the authority of one official of the city government it was stated late Wednesday night that so far as it has progressed the examination of Mr. Young’s books has shown a shortage of $23,000. It is said that friends stood ready to make good every dollar of this amount. Louisville, Ky., Nov. 29.-Beyond the statement made Wednesday night to Mayor Granger, by one of the expert accountants, that discrepancies amounting to $23,000 had been found in the books of the former city treasurer, Stuart R. Young, who committed suicide Wednesday evening, nothing definite is known as to how the accounts stand between the city and its former treasurer.   When asked for an authoritative statement Thursday night, one of the accountants said that beyond the amount mentioned Wednesday night he had absolutely no idea as to what the alleged shortage is. He added that the accounts would require two weeks of constant work to go over the books of the treasurer’s office. During his four years term as treasurer Mr. Young handle $11,000,000.   There were various reports Thursday as to the amount of the alleged shortage, some placing it at $50,000 and some even higher, but they are all surmises according to the men who are examining the books. Friends were searching for him Wednesday afternoon to assist him in his trouble, but he could not be found.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, December 5, 1901.

Young, Theodore Accidentally Shot HimselfHarrodsburg, Ky., Dec. 26

Theodore Young accidentally killed himself near Dugansville, this county, Wednesday morning.   He was leaning on a shotgun, when it discharged a load through his stomach.

The Winchester Democrat   Tue., Dec. 31, 1901

Young, Thomas Codman         AA The Winchester Sun   Mon., 2-6-1922
Young, Tim The Winchester Sun   Fri., 4-15-1932
Young, Tony Grant The Winchester Sun   Mon., 4-25, 4-28-1966
Young, U. L. Found Dying on the TrackNew Richmond, Ky., Jan. 20.—U. L. Young, of California, Ky., was found Wednesday morning in an unconscious condition a half mile below the New Richmond depot. The track man brought him to the depot, where he died at 8 o’clock Wednesday morning. Coroner Higgins, of Newport, has been notified.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, January 25, 1898

Young, Van B. Hon. Van B. Young, Judge of the Superior Court from this district died Saturday at his home in Frankfort . He was from Mt. Sterling.The Democrat, Wednesday, March 2, 1892.


No section of the State can show a sadder official record than death has made in Eastern Kentucky within less than twenty years. First, Judge John M. Elliott, of the Court of Appeals, fell dead on our streets at the hands of an assassin, afterwards sentenced to death and later declared insane.   Judge Richard Reid, of Mt. Sterling, of the Superior Court, died by his own hand. Senators Joseph Garder, R. M. Pieratt and James S. Hargis died while in the performance of their official duties. Congressman W. P. Taulbee was killed in Washington; Judge Van B. Young, of the Superior Court, was scarcely at rest in the grave before Congressman J. W. Kendall followed him. It is a mournful record, which all will hope may never be repeated elsewhere.—-Frankfort Capital.

The Winchester Democrat   Wednesday March 16, 1892

Young, Victor C. Sr. The Winchester Sun Fri., 6-8, 6-9-2007
Young, W. H. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 8-27-1912
Young, Walter D. The Winchester   Sun   Wed., 7-19-1933
Young, Walter N. The Winchester Sun   Fri., 11-18, 11-19-1966
Young, William Is very illWilliam Young is very ill of typhoid fever at his home on College street, and but         little hope is entertained for his recovery.

The Winchester Democrat   Tuesday, August 3, 1909


William Young

Death of this popular young man Monday evening – Burial in Paris

William Young died Monday night at his home on College street of typhoid               fever, aged about thirty-two years. Funeral services were held Wednesday morning         at the family residence by Rev. O.J. Chandler and the remains were taken to Paris         for burial. He leaves a wife, formerly Miss Redmond, of Bourbon county, and               two children, aged respectively four years, and four months. He was a good citizen,             popular with all his associates and by force of character and good work had succeeded   to the superintendent of this district for the Commonwealth Life Insurance Company.     His family have the sympathy of all in their great bereavement. The following acted       as pall bearers at the funeral: J.S. Dills, Mr. Carr, Robert Clark, D.W. Tobin, A.C.   Piersall and Prewitt Harris.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, August 6, 1909

Young, William The Winchester Sun   Tues., 7-14-1931
Young, William (Bill) The Winchester Sun Mon., 3-16-2009
Young, William A. The Winchester Sun   Fri., 11-21-1919
Young, William A. The Winchester Sun   Thur., 5-8-1975
Young, William C. Prominent educator deadLouisville, Ky., Sept. 17 – Rev. William C. Young, D.D., president of Center College, died at Danville Wednesday morning. He was one of the most prominent educators in     the south.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, September 18, 1896

Young, William Douglas The Winchester Sun   Tues., 6-19, 6-20-1984
Young, William H. Death of W.H. YoungWilliam H. Young, who lived near Becknerville, died Wednesday afternoon in a Lexington hospital from the effects of a surgical operation. The remains will be buried     in the Winchester cemetery at two o’clock this afternoon with services at the grave by   Dr. B.B. Bailey, of Shelbyville. He leaves a wife and two sons, William and Walter, and one daughter, Miss Alma. The following will act as pall bearers: Thomas Webber, Philip Webber, Perry Browning, H.B. Browning, U.G. Young, and W.Y. Jones. Mr. Young was one of Clark county’s most prominent citizens with a host of friends who will regret to hear of his death.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, October 14, 1910

Young, William J. The Winchester Sun   Fri., 12-31-1920
Young, William Sr. Inventory and appraisal of the estate of William Young Sr. decd. ordered to be recorded.Order Book 10; P. 6; October Court 1830


Amount of the sale of the estate of William Young Sr. decd. ordered to be recorded.

Order Book 10; P. 6; October Court 1830


Ordered that James Brasfield, Thomas R. Moore, and Isaac Cunningham settle and adjust all accounts with Patton D. Harrison administrator of the estate of William Young decd. and make report.

Order Book 10; P. 21; January Court 1831


Order that James Brasfield, Thomas R. Moore, and Isaac Cunningham do allot unto the widow of William Young decd. her dower in the personal estate of her said decd. husband and make report.

Order Book 10; P. 21; January Court 1831


Settlement with the administrators of the estate of William Young decd. ordered to be recorded.

Order Book 10; P. 54; November Court 1831


Allotment of the dower of Margaret Young widow of William Young Sr. decd. ordered to be recorded.

Order Book 10; P. 54; November Court 1831

Young, Willie A. The Winchester Sun   Wed., 1-16-1929
Young, Willie May               AA The Winchester Sun   Fri., 6-19, 6-20, 6-30, 7-1, 7-2, 7-29, 7-31, 8-8-1925
Young, Zelma The Winchester Sun   Mon., 5-25, 5-26, 5-27, 5-30-1914
Younger, Bob Bob Younger, a member of the famous James and Younger gang of outlaws died in the Minnesota penitentiary last week, of consumption. He was 34 years old, and in November 1876, together with his brothers, Cole and Jim Younger, was sentenced to imprisonment for life for the murder of Cashier Haywood at Northfield while engaged in an attempt to rob the bank.The Winchester Democrat     Wed., 9-25-1889
Younger, Danny Bryan The Winchester Sun   Sat., 5-12-1990
Younger, John L. Died of Pneumonia.Lexington, Ky., Nov. 16.—Private John L. Younger, of Company L. 3rd engineers, died at Gibb’s hospital Monday night of pneumonia. His home was in Tennessee. There were 37 patients in the hospital Tuesday.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, November 18, 1898

Younger, Mrs. Leota Garland(Obie) The Winchester Sun   Tues., 12-26-1989
Younger, Mrs. Margaret The Winchester Sun   Mon., 8-26-1985
Youngker, Emmett V. The Winchester Sun   Sat., 1-4, 1-6-2003
Youngker, Mrs. Hazel The Winchester Sun   Tues., 9-21, 9-22-2004
Youngker, Mrs. Lonnie The Winchester Sun   Sat., 12-30-1989
Youngman, Stanfield Death From Bug Bite.Stanfield Youngman, of Robertson county, who was bitten on the ear by a bug two weeks ago, died Saturday, blood poisoning having developed.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, July 22, 1902


Killed By a Bug.

Mt. Olivet, Ky., July 19.—About two weeks ago Stanfield Youngman, of this county, was bitten on the ear by a bug. Blood poisoning developed. Surgical aid was summoned, and two operations were preformed. The patient continued to grow worse, and died. He was 53 years old.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, July 25, 1902

Yount, Frank JOHN DENGE, of Shelby county, shot at a partridge which his brother-in-law, Frank Yount had perched out on a brush pile and Yount received the load in the head, which killed him instantly.The Democrat, Wednesday, November 25, 1891.
Yount, Mrs. Janet K. The Winchester Sun   Fri., 2-15-2002
Yousen, P. C. At Spring Hill Thursday, L. Fowler and P. C. Yousen, rivals for the same lady’s hand had a quarrel and Fowler shot Yousen fatally, but before Yousen died he stabbed Fowler so seriously that he can not recover.The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, January 10, 1894
Youtsey, Henry The Winchester Sun   Tues., 7-9, 8-3, 8-7-1912
Youtsey, Henry The Winchester Sun   Wed., 3-18-1914
Youtsey, Mrs. Sarah C. French Divorce suit filedSome time ago Mrs. Sara Youtsey brought suit in the Circuit court, of this county, against her husband, Henry Youtsey, for divorce, alleging the statutory grounds, of five years separation and conviction of felony. It was afterward decided that the Clark Circuit court had no jurisdiction, and the suit was dismissed here and brought again at Frankfort. The same allegations are made in the new suit that were made in the first suit.

The Winchester Democrat   Tuesday, December 28, 1909


Mrs. Youtsey gets divorce

Court grants absolute decree in suit against convict husband

Frankfort, Ky., – A decree granting Mrs. Henry Youtsey an absolute divorce from her husband, serving a life sentence in the penitentiary for complicity in the murder of William Goebel, was entered in the circuit court here. Mrs. Youtsey is restored to her maiden name, Sarah C. French. Mrs. Youtsey stuck to Youtsey for years after he was charged with complicity in the plot to kill William Goebel, and she worked hard to get a parole for him. After she found that he could not get a parole, and that he probably would spend his last days in the penitentiary, she brought suit for a divorce.

The Winchester Democrat   Friday, January 28, 1910



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