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Ublin, Elba Elba Ulblin Dead.

GREENUP, Ky., July 11.-Elba Ublin, one of the oldest and most prominent citizens of Greenup, died Wednesday morning, aged 80.   He was a prominent Mason and was for many years identified with the iron industry in eastern Kentucky.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, July 12, 1895.

Uhlig, Wanda Fay The Winchester Sun Tues., 5-30-1989
Uhrig, Mrs. Velvet J. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 1-17, 1-19-2011
Uirtle, James E. The Winchester Sun Mon., 11-6-1922
Ulan, Minnie                          AA The Winchester Sun Sat., 12-28-1935
Ulery, Ambrose S. The Winchester Sun Mon., 2-19-1951
Ulery, Clarence A. The Winchester Sun Mon., 12-7-1981
Ulery, Walton The Winchester Sun Thur., 2-9, 2-10-1928
Ulmer, Walter L. The Winchester Sun Wed., 9-3-1952
Ulrey, Mrs. A. S. The Winchester Sun Mon., 8-27-1945
Ulrici, Gerald The Winchester Sun Fri., 5-23, 5-24-1969
Ulright, William Ordered that David Hampton, Stephen Eubanks, James Bybee and Enoch Elkin or any 3 of them being first sworn do appraise in current money the slaves if any and personal estate of William Ulright dec. and make report to the court.

Order Book 10; P. 331; January Court 1837

Ulsh, Mrs. Dorothy Kohl The Winchester Sun   Thur., 7-25, 7-26-2002
Umbach, Mrs. Rosina Jumped Into the Cistern.

Evansville, Ind., Oct. 1.—Mrs. Rosina Umbach, an insane woman, imagined the Lord demanded her life as a sacrifice, and jumped into a cistern Friday and was drowned. She has been deranged for 25 years.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, October 4, 1898

Underwood, Boyd The Winchester Sun Fri., 11-23, 11-24-1962
Underwood, Charles John H. K. Cofer, Sheriff of Larue county, shot and instantly killed Charles Underwood, at Buffalo, mistaking him for a man named Howell, for whom he had a warrant to arrest.

The Democrat, Wednesday, August 31, 1892.

Underwood, Elizabeth The Winchester Sun Fri., 5-17-1929
Underwood, George In Carter county, last week, the Underwood war broke with fresh violence, and George and Jesse Underwood were killed. The county authorities have petitioned the Governor to send troops there to regulate matters.

The Semi-Weekly Sun     Fri., 10-17-1879

Underwood, Houston Clark County Republican   Fri. 9-1-1916
Underwood, Houston The Winchester Sun Mon., 2-21-1916
Underwood, Houston The Winchester Sun Mon., 5-21, 5-23-1923
Underwood, Huston The Winchester Sun   Mon., 2-15, 2-24, 2-25, 3-26, 4-13, 4-14, 4-15, 4-16, 4-17, 4-19, 4-29, 4-30-1915
Underwood, J. Found Dead In Bed

Hopkinsville, Ky., Feb. 23

J. Underwood, a prominent citizen of Fruithill, was found dead in bed. He spent Saturday in this city and appeared to be in the best of health. He was 72 years old.

The Winchester Democrat Fri., March 2, 1906

Underwood, Jake Killed by lightning

Will Sparks and Jake Underwood were stacking lumber at Irvine, when both were killed by a stroke of lightning.

The Winchester Democrat Tuesday, June 21, 1910

Underwood, Jesse In Carter county, last week, the Underwood war broke with fresh violence, and George and Jesse Underwood were killed. The county authorities have petitioned the Governor to send troops there to regulate matters.

The Semi-Weekly Sun     Fri., 10-17-1879

Underwood, Jesse R. Jr. The Winchester Sun Thur., 11-2-1939
Underwood, Joe Jr. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 12-2-2003
Underwood, John The Winchester Sun   Wed., 2-20, 2-21-1929
Underwood, John Cox The Winchester Sun   Tues., 10-28-1913
Underwood, Mary The Winchester Sun Fri., 2-14-1913
Underwood, Mrs. Anita (Nannie) The Winchester Sun   Wed., 8-1, 8-3, 8-4-2001
Underwood, Mrs. Betty Johnson The Winchester Sun Sat., 7-1-1967
Underwood, Mrs. Josephine


The Winchester Sun Fri., 1-30, 1-31-1981

Engineer Killed and the Fireman Pinioned Between the Cab and the Tender.

Paducah, Ky., Feb.7—Two Illinois Central freight trains came head-end together two miles north of Hastingson the Memphis division Wednesday morning, killing Engineer Jas. Wilson, who was mashed to death by the coal in the tender. His fireman Pink Underwood, was shoveling coal when his right hand was pinioned between the cab and the fender. With a mighty effort he tore his hand from his arm, doing likewise when his left foot caught, tearing both members from his body. He will die. Dan McGlanan, aged 24, a tramp, beating his way to Memphis with his brother, Gus McGlanan, was cut in two by engine wheels. Two Negro brakemen and Engineer Phil Ketheimer and fireman Morrison were injured.   They were brought here Wednesday night. Engineer Wilson’s body will be shipped to Water Valley, Miss. His former home. Conductor Foster overlooked his orders, which caused the wreck, he leaving Hennings nine minutes ahead of time, as he stated himself.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, February 12, 1901.

Underwood, Raws Murder And Suicide

At a dance in Madison county Friday night Harlan Reynolds shot and killed Raws Underwood and then killed himself.

The Winchester Democrat Tue., Feb. 17, 1903


Double Tragedy

A Murder And A Suicide At A Dance Near Edenton, Ky.

Richmond, Ky., Feb. 17

At a dance given near Edenton, this county, Raws Underwood and Harlan Reynolds, two of the participants in the dance, became involved in a difficulty, when the latter drew a pistol and shot the former through the heart, killing him instantly. Reynolds then turned the weapon to his own breast and fired, the ball also penetrating his heart, which caused instant death.   The double tragedy caused a panic among the women, and several ran screaming from the scene, while others fainted.

The Winchester Democrat Fri., Feb. 20, 1903

Underwood, Ruby The Winchester Sun Mon., 7-1-1935
Underwood, W. T. The Winchester Sun Wed., 5-8-1929
Underwood, William Henry The Winchester Sun Fri., 3-8-1935
Unkefer, Mrs. Cora Baldwin The Winchester Sun Fri., 9-5-1975
Unkefer, Mrs. John The Winchester Sun Mon., 3-12-1917
unknown frozen woman Stanton – Last Friday Thomas Boone, of this place, found a body frozen to death near Mt Sterling. We did not learn her name.

The Winchester Democrat Wednesday 3-6-1889

Unknown hobo White Male, Unknown Hobo killed on railroad track, Died October 4, 1932, Buried

October 6, 1932.

Kentucky Vital Statistics Death Certificate Number 23030, Volume 1932.


Man Killed By Freight Train-Body of Unidentified Victim found In Yards Near Washington Street Viaduct.

An unidentified white man, about 32 years old, was killed Tuesday afternoon at 5:45 o’clock near the Washington Street viaduct when he was crushed beneath the wheels of a southbound Louisville and Nashville freight train. Railroad officials said they believed the victim fell between two cars when he attempted to cross from one to the other. Hoboes on the train were to be questioned relative to the man’s identity. He was about five feet, ten inches tall and weighed about 185 pounds. Coroner Clarence Bean said he could find no marks for identification. The victim wore a blue coat, green hat, army trousers and was carrying extra clothing in a bundle. The body was removed to the Bean Funeral Home, where it was to remain pending further identification.

The Winchester Sun, Wednesday, October 5, 1932.

unknown infant White Female, Still Born, Father-unknown, Mother-unknown, Died May 13, 1937, Buried May 13, 1937.

Kentucky Vital Statistics Death Certificate Number 12923, Volume 1937.

unknown male White Male, Age-unknown, Born-unknown, Father-unknown, Mother-unknown, Died June 21, 1934, Buried June 21, 1934.

Kentucky Vital Statistics Death Certificate Number 13697, Volume 1934.

unknown male                       AA The Clark County Republican Fri. 11-17-1916
unknown tramp (John Doe) The Winchester Sun Wed., 10-12-1921
unknown woman A Corpse in a trunk

A regular St. Louis Southern Hotel mystery developed at Million Station on the R. N. I. & B., this county. From the night passenger train, a large trunk was unloaded and put into the baggage room. It came as baggage and a brass check was the only mark it bore. A slight smell was noticeable about the room next morning which grew stronger and stronger until a veritable stench was produced.   In fact it “out-stunk creation,” and those who had experienced such things pronounced the offensive smell strikingly like that coming from a corpse. The trunk was opened and a full-grown dead human being – a woman!   Coroner Miller was summoned a jury empanelled, and an inquest held. There could be no doubt but a cold-blooded murder had been committed, unless some ingenious friend had devised this cheap plan of conveying the woman over the road and she had died in transit. At this notch in the proceeding, a young medical student in the vicinity, who is attending lectures in Louisville, and came home for the holidays, appeared, produced his duplicate check, and claimed the “stiff”. But “Stump,” the Coroner, was not satisfied and had Dr. Northcutt and others summoned to testify to the custom and rights of medical students. The testimony was to the effect that such students frequently carried corpses in whole or in part about with them, and that such was necessary for the advancement of medical science. The student testified that he bought the “stiff” from property parties in Louisville. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the above stated facts and court adjourned-Richmond Climax.

The Democrat, Wednesday, January 13, 1892.

Unknown male (John Doe) White Male, Age-unknown, Born-unknown, Father-unknown, Mother-unknown, Died August 12, 1934, Struck by south bound L & N freight train, Buried August 15, 1934.

Kentucky Vital Statistics Death Certificate Number 19193, Volume 1934.


Man Killed By Freight Train-Unidentified Body moved to Funeral Home in City; Sloan Scene of Accident.-An unidentified white man was killed at 9 o’clock Sunday morning at Sloan, about 12 miles from here, by a southbound L & N freight train which ran upon him as he was crossing a railroad bridge. His body was removed to the Scobee and Barlett funeral home. His left arm had been severed at the elbow, both legs broken and there were two wounds on the head, one on the back and the other over the right eye. No identification papers were found on him but his description was given as; 36 years old, 5 feet and six inches tall, weight about 140 pounds, and having blue eyes and black hair. He was wearing blue overalls, and a checkered sweater. His body was left at the funeral home pending identification. Scores of persons viewed the body at the funeral home Monday in an effort to establish identity. A report that the victim was Jess Rice of Estill county was found to be incorrect.

The Winchester Sun, Monday August 13, 1934.

Unthank, Carter Killed in pitched battle

Harlan – In a pitched battle between Stephen Ledford, Carter Unthank and Thomas Noe, Jr., at Wallins Creek, eight miles west of here, Stephen Ledford was shot and instantly killed, receiving eight revolver wounds in his body. Carter Unthank was shot in the upper part of his left thigh and died three hours later. These three persons had been together all day and seemed to be on excellent terms. Late in the evening they left Wallins Creek postoffice and started up Terry’s creek, when they arrived at a point in the road where the affray began. Thomas Noe, Jr., was arrested by Sheriff J.S. Kelly, who left here for that place as soon as he received intelligence of the tragedy.

The Winchester Democrat Tuesday, September 20, 1910

Upchurch, Elmer The Winchester Sun Fri., 6-26-1925
Upchurch, General General Upchurch, a well digger, was buried alive to the depth of forty feet by the caving in of an old well he was cleaning out in Webster County. It took twenty four hours to dig the body out and when the debris was removed it was found standing erect, the glazed eyes looking upward, as if the terrified man had heard the noise of the crash in time to realize the awful fate awaiting him.

The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, August 30, 1893

Updike, Coleman Pierce The Winchester Sun   Mon., 3-14-1994
Updike, Mrs. Mary Ruth Riddell The Winchester Sun   Tues., 5-31, 6-1-1994
Updike, Mrs. Mary Zea The Winchester Sun   Mon., 7-6-1992
Updike, Mrs. Robert The Winchester Sun   Thur., 2-12-1970
Updike, Oliver M. The Winchester Sun   Tues., 8-15-1978
Upham, Buford A. The Winchester Sun   Mon., 1-6-1997
Upham, Elbert L. The Winchester Sun Thur., 4-17-1941
Upham, Mrs. Elizabeth Tracy The Winchester Sun Thur., 11-20, 12-8-1952
Upington, John V. The Winchester Sun Mon., 9-3-1917
Uppigrove, Mrs. Julia Kentucky Woman Killed Herself.

Tompkinsville, Ky., Sept. 1.—Mrs. Julia Uppigrove, aged 60, a widow was found dead early Wednesday morning. She and a son were the only occupants of the house. When he awoke Wednesday morning his mother’s body was hanging by the neck from a joist within six feet of his bed. Bad health is supposed to be the cause of the deed.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, September 5, 1899

Upton, John From an old grudge

Middlesboro, Ky., – John Upton, a well to do farmer of Cumberland Gap, was shot and instantly killed by Jim Herald, a miner. The trouble resulted from an old grudge. Herald escaped to the mountains.

The Winchester Democrat Tuesday, December 4, 1906

Upton, Mrs. Millie Meredith The Winchester Sun Fri., 9-14-1934
Upton, Mrs. Millie Steward The Winchester Sun Tues., 12-30-1986
Upton, Robert The Winchester Sun Wed., 11-4-1936
Upton, William Four months ago William Upton, 35 on Upper Kinney, Lewis county, left his wife and two children and ran away with Zada Upton, his cousin, 15 years old. The couple returned one month ago, and since have been living with John Upton, William’s brother. Near John’s house lives Zada’s father, Rev. Newton Upton. Much bad blood has existed between William and John, on one side, and Zada’s father and her brother Ed. on the other. John and William went to Rev. Upton’s house Tuesday afternoon to raise a row with Ed. The latter appeared with a Winchester rifle and shot William dead. Ed. and John were arrested and taken to Vanceburg.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, August 10, 1894

Urbach, Mrs. Mina Posner The Winchester Sun Sat., 8-29, 8-31-1964
Urbansky, A. Died—A. Urbansky, one of the wealthiest merchants in Louisville and formerly in business here, died in that city Friday.

The Winchester Democrat, Friday, September 3, 1897


Two Men Killed and Another Wounded-Fifteen Shots in All Were Fired

Mayfield, Ky., Dec. 24–Two men killed and another wounded in the result of a tragedy that occurred in the southwest section of the city at a late hour Tuesday night. Deputy sheriff John Usher and Charles Howard, a saloon keeper, were killed and Birch Hillyer, an associate of the latter, received a bullet wound in the hand.   Usher and Sheriff Sam Douthit went to Bowlin’s home to arrest Hillyer, and resisting, Usher procured a revolver and fired at him. Bowlin ran into the room and fired a bullet through Usher’s heart and was in the process of shooting Sheriff Douthit when the latter shot him dead. The tragedy took place in a small room at Bowlin’s home, and 15 shots were fired. Hillyer was arrested Tuesday and locked up as an accessory to the murder of Usher.   Mayfield Ky., Dec. 27—Ross Bowlin, son of Charles Bowlin, who was killed here by Sheriff Douthit Monday night was put in jail Wednesday night on an old capias.   Young Bowlin threatens the life of Douthit. It is difficult to tell where this trouble will end as all the Bowlin’s are determined to have revenge.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, January 1, 1901.


Thrown From A Wagon And Killed

Mayfield, Ky., Dec. 27

Mrs. Cooper, mother-in-law of Nathan Riley, of this place, while attending John Usher’s funeral in the country Wednesday was thrown from a wagon in a runaway and instantly killed.   Her neck was broken. Usher was murdered here Monday night.

The Winchester Democrat Tue., Jan. 1, 1901

Usher, Miss Margaret DEATHS   In Maysville Saturday, Miss Margaret Usher, aged eighty years. She was an aunt of the junior proprietor of the DEMOCRAT.

The Democrat, Wednesday, December 2, 1891.

Utley, C. R. Physician Found Dead In The Woods

Hickman, Ky., Oct. 7

Dr. C. R. Utley, of Murray, Ky., was found dead by the side of his buggy in the woods near here. A pistol was by his side. It is not known whether Dr. Utley was murdered or committed suicide.

The Winchester Democrat Fri., Oct. 10, 1902

Utterback, Dee The Winchester Sun Fri., 11-11-1955
Utterback, John Died From His Injuries

Lawrenceburg, Ky., Sept. 13

John Utterback died Monday morning from concussion of the brain caused by being thrown from his wagon.   He was a confederate soldier and belonged to Smith’s regiment, Morgan’s command.

The Winchester Democrat Tue., Sept. 19, 1899

Utterback, Laura Mae Bays The Winchester Sun   Tues., 5-17-2005
Utterback, Mrs. Maude Gilvin The Winchester Sun   Thur., 9-2-1954
Utterback, Thomas The Winchester Sun   Sat., 3-12-1988
Uttinger, Mrs. Dora The Winchester Sun   Fri., 11-20-1953
Utzinger, Edgar L. The Winchester Sun   Fri., 2-20-1998
Utzinger, Marlene

Marie     (Litzinger)

The Winchester Sun   Fri., 10-2, 10-3-2009
Utzinger, Mrs. Ruth Louise The Winchester Sun   Mon., 6-26-2006

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