Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a Library Card?

It’s easy! Just be sure to bring in a state issued ID or Driver’s License with your current address on it.  Haven’t updated it yet?  Then be sure to bring in a utility bill (phone, gas, electric) or a rental/lease agreement or mortgage.


I am the parent or legal guardian on a minor.  How do I get them a card?

Be sure to bring your state issued ID with the correct address on it.  Bring the child/children you want to sign up.  You will have to take responsibility for all the items that they check out.  They then will have their very own library card!


How Many Items Can I Have Out at One Time?

The total number of items that can be checked out at any one time on a card is 40.  Within that limit of 40, a patron may only have twenty movies out.  Books, audiobooks, CDs and magazines have no special limit.


How Long Do Items Check Out For?

There are several different policies depending upon the item:

  • Movies:  Check out for one week (seven days)
  • All Other Items:  Check out for four weeks (28 days)


Can I Renew Items?

Once again, it varies depending upon the item:

  • Movies:  No renewals
  • All Other Items:  Up to two 4 week renewals for a total of 12 weeks UNLESS there is a hold on that item


What Happens If I Don’t Return the Item On Time?

The library does not currently charge fines for lost items but recommends that people turn in their items near their assigned due date so they will be available for other people in the community.
If items are lost or permanently damaged, a replacement cost fee will be added to the account.  These costs vary and are the amount that the Library will have to pay to replace the item.


How Do Fines Negatively Effect Me?

After your fines exceed $5.00, your card and account becomes blocked.  You will not be able to check out any more items.  Once it is under $5.00, normal privileges will be reinstated.



You Don’t Have an Item I Want.  How Can You Help Me?

We of course want to help you find the materials you need.  There are several options we can pursue:

  • You can request the item to be added to our collection.  If it aligns with our collection development policy we will see about purchasing it.
  • We can request the item from another library via InterLibrary Loan. 


Can I Let Someone Else Use My Card?

The simple answer is:  NO!  Your card is your own responsibility and only you may use your card.  This is to prevent fraud and protect you by not allowing people to check out (and not return) items you are responsible for.  However, we give you the option of allowing who can use your card by filling out a Card Sharing Agreement form.  This authorizes any person you choose to check out items on your card.  You can revoke this privilege at any time by calling or coming into the library. 


I Lost My Card.  How Do I Get A New One?

Return to the Library with your ID & we will issue you a new card. If you use our online library, be sure to tell us when we replace your card so we can make sure that your history & holds will merge over to the new card.


Can I Use A Computer at the Library?

Yes!  The Library has five public access computers that are available from the Library’s opening until 10 minutes before close.  They are connected to a printer and the internet.  They have Microsoft Office and Resume software as well.  Each Library patron is allowed two two hour sessions per day.


Can I Use A Computer If I Don’t Have a Library Card?

You can.  We currently allow guest access for all of our public computers.  

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