The Clark County Public Library is so much more than books, but we do still have a big focus on them!
We have books for everyone for every reason! Literacy development, education, fun and so much more!


These are the classifications of books at the Clark County Public Library


Board Books

Easy Picture

Easy Reader

Juvenile Fiction

Juvenile Series Fiction

Juvenile Non-Fiction


Young Adults



Graphic Novels



Adult Fiction

General Fiction

Fantastic Fiction (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror)

Mystery Fiction

Inspirational Fiction

Romance Fiction

Western Fiction

Large-Type Fiction


Non-Fiction (According to the Dewey Decimal Classification System)

000s: Generalities (Computer Science, Encyclopaedias, etc.)

100s: Philosophy & Psychology (Metaphysics, Ethics, Parapsychology)

200s: Religion

300s: Social Sciences (Political Science, Law, True Crime)

400s: Languages (Dictionaries, Phrase Books, Language Teaching Books)

500s: Science (Math, Astronomy, Botany, Zoology, Veterinarian Science)

600s: Technology (Medicine, Diets, Cook Books, Home Repair, Auto Repair)

700s: Arts & Recreation (Music, Film, Art, Photography, Sports)

800s: Literature (Poetry, Humor, Classical Literature)

900s: History & Geography (Guide Books, Genealogies, Baby Name Books, Histories)

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