Helpful Links for Children

Recreational Websites for Preschool-Aged Children

Preschool Crafts 
Preschool Crafts (2)
Preschool Holiday Crafts
Holiday Crafts For Children
Holiday Crafts For Children (2)
Making Bracelets
Art Lessons
Links To Safety Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages
Activities, Coloring Pages, Projects related to Jan Brett’s books
Window Decoration Craft Projects for Kids
My Froggy Stuff:  DIY Blog Filled with Amazing Ideas for Creative Play & Crafting



Fun Brain:  Educational Games Online
Pauly’s Playhouse
Primary Games: Educational Games Online
Learning Planet:  Educational Games Online
GameQuarium: Educational Games Online
Prongo: Educational Games Online
Seussville: Dr. Seuss activities


It’s Elementary! Games, Toons, and Crafts For K-5th Grade Students

Accelerated Reading Lists

AR Book Find

Cool Computer Stuff

     Lots Of Fonts


Enchanted Learning: Dinosaurs!
Prehistoric Life


Kids’ Space  Kids’ Space is an international site devoted to stories, music, and art for and by kids. Submit your own stories today!
Booklists–Dozens of topics!  (new)
NY Times BestSeller Lists
Reading Rainbow Books
Official Harry Potter Website


News and Weather

Winchester Sun
Lexington Herald Leader
Online Newspapers
Kids’ News Room
Kids Look At Weather
The Weather Resource Page
Kids Look At Weather
Student News



Kentucky Trees
Lots of Links To Science Homework help
NASA Kids (helps you unlock the intricacies of the solar system, see how a hurricane forms…you can even find out how soon southern California is expected to arrive in Alaska!)
Foliage Network (tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the leaves on North America’s trees. Includes a complete explanation of why and how leaves change color)
Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History (Check out endangered animal sites, get information about giant vampire squids, and find out more about the artists who work on the dinosaur exhibits.)



Everyday’s A Holiday
All Holiday Recipes
Christmas Carols


Once Upon A Toon
Puzzle Maker
The Dialectizer
Pig Latin Translator
Bookworm Game (and much, much more! Try out the Insaniquarium )


Cooking for Kids

All Holiday Recipes: special occasion recipes to impress your friends and family!
A tasty tour of Japan for kids: become an expert on instant noodles, make your own sushi, and discover tempura….Japan’s answer to Kentucky Fried Chicken!
Cooking With Kids: send in your recipes and share with other kids your age who like to cook. (Our favorites are “Ants on a Log” – really! – and “Famous Hawaiian Nana Casserole”.)
Kid’s Kuisine: Check out the seasonal recipes….how about Cottontail Cookies shaped like rabbits, with fluffy cotton candy for tails!
Better Homes and Gardens’ Home & Family Network site with kids in mind. Lots of recipes and resources for kids who like to cook.
Family Fun Recipes If you like the FamilyFun books and magazines, you’ll enjoy the website, too. Try out FamilyFun’s recipes and articles for kids and families who like to cook…and then visit the rest of the website.
Kid Chef is loaded with great recipes, kitchen tips, interesting articles about foods in other cultures. Learn the story and recipes behind Chinese New Year celebrations, or make REAL Irish soda bread for St. Patrick’s Day this year.

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